Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sardiyo ka swad,makai or bajre ki roti ke sath

hello frens ,hope you all are doing great,breaking news is this that my exams are postponed to mid week of January so i am back to blogging,huh what a relief its so difficult to study at this age,and with a kid around dont ask ,weather wise its quiet good hereya its cold but  with winter delights like Makki ki roti and Bajre ki roti i guess i am truly enjoying the weather.

Last weekend my mausi had come for the weekend and for lunch she prepared Mooli wali Makai ki roti, which she learnt from her neighbour,and ya this Makai roti is different as this is prepared with mooli and to mold the shape hands have to be used as the dough sticks on the rolling pin while rolling out roti,so slowly the dough is shaped into roti and placed on hot tava/girddle to be roasted on both side and served hot with dollop of ghee.To prepare the dough mix grated radish in the makki flour which is readily available in the market ,add pinch of carom seeds,salt and red chili powder,with help of water mix the flour to form smooth dough.Patience is needed as it takes time to shape the dough into roti as the dough is sticky because of the addition of radish,i tried several times till i could manageable roti.:-)
Bajra ki roti is prepared very frequently at our place during winters,

recipe can be viewed here, i like mine with dollop of ghee and some gur as you can see in the pic above.
I guess this sums all for todays post and ya thanks a ton for sending Awesome entries for Jingle Event ,event is on till 10th of Jan ,;-)cee u all soon folks,happy blogging nd weekend,...:-)tk cre ,..