Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Festive Treats for Sankranti ;-)

I prepared  Til Gud Laddo for Sankranti last year
prepared this year the same,
recipe blogged here

and prepared Coconut Roti/Kayi Holige /Narla Ubbatti

 inspired from here

and rice flour poori with aloo gobhi sabzi

For Rice Flour Poori
Rice flour one cup
wheat flour one fourth cup
salt pinch
cumin seeds one tsp
oil one tsp
warm water to knead the dough

In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients
and knead dough ,divide the dough
into equal sized small disc
place baking sheet on rolling disc
keep a small piece of dough
and roll out to the shape of poori
heat oil in in wok ,once hot lower the flame
and fry the pooris till brown from both side.
serve warm with Allo Gobhi Sabzi.
allo gobhi tamatar sabzi blogged here
rice and almond pudding blogged here

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