Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gulab Jamun for IndianFoodPalooza

This is not my favourite dessert to indulge ,i go for the creamy kheer during summer and winter time its Gazar ka halwa or posta ka halwa ,then few days back when i saw the recipe of Gulab Jamun

while flipping the pages of a cookbook, i thought of trying this indian mithai ,i took hubbys help for preparing the sugar syrup/chasni  as i wasnt very sure about the consistency,,,so while he prepared the chasni i prepared the gulab jamuns

Recipe Name Gulab Jamun
Recipe source cookbook
khoa 350 gm
cottage cheese/chena four tbsp
all purpose flour/maida four tbsp
baking powder one tsp
ghee one tbsp
pistachio unsalted 10
seed of green cardamom two tsp
for the sugar syrup
pinch of saffron strands
rose water one tsp
sugar four cup
half tsp lemon juice

-Chena- recipe blogged here and here
-Soak the saffron strands in rose water and keep aside.
-Sugar Syrup /Chasni -
fill a sauce pan with water ,add sugar and keep stirring
till the sugar has dissolved ,increase the heat
continue boiling and remove  the scum
which reaches  on the surface with slotted spoon
syrup should be of one thread consistency
stir in lime juice and saffron soaked in rose water
For the filling -chop pistachio and mix cardamom seeds for filling and keep aside
For the balls

In a mixing bowl knead khoa to a smooth mix ,add all purpose flour,cottage cheese,baking soda ,
mix everything together to a smooth dough,and divide the dough into equal sized round balls
make depression in the centre and add one fourth tsp of filling ,seal the edges
do the same for all the khoa balls.
heat oil in wok/kadhai
once oil is hot that  it browns the bread crumb in 30 secs
add the gulab jamuns slowly and keep frying till they turn golden brown
once done drain on kitchen towel
after five mins add the fried khoa balls to the sugar syrup
serve warm or chilled garnished with rabdi .

Gulab Jamun is my entry for the #IndianFoodPalooza hosted by Indian Simmer ,
The Colors of Indian Cooking and Creative Culinary.
This platter is for you friends,..;-)
take care and happy Blogging.