Saturday, January 31, 2015

Its oky to dip paratha in curry -letter 8 for Advay

Dear Advay ,
Today when you were back from school you told me that you had not finished your meal on asking you told me that you felt sick while eating paratha with chickpea curry.I was speechless for a sec because yesterday you had the same chickpea curry for dinner .I had the same curry for lunch and it was perfect for me .So why this excuse .I met your classmates mom when I had gone to fetch you when I discussed this with her she told me its the same with her daughter .It seems you and your friends feel conscious to eat Indian food in school because other students get sandwich ,cookies or cake.In Singapore you used to take Indian food and I never heard that you felt sick while eating the same.Here when we go out you always want to to Indian Restaurent to eat and there you truly enjoy the food even at home too you will be licking your fingers and eating .I don.t blame you for what happened today maybe you felt ashamed tearing the paratha to dip in the curry while others happily munched their sandwich or cookie.I just want to tell you that you should never be ashamed about the way we eat or our food because that's our culture that's how we have grown up eating with our hands when it comes to Indian Food specially chapathi.I wont feel satiated unless I break the chapahi and dip it into the curry and eat.Maybe one day you will understand what I am trying to tell you and ya thanks for letting me know that you feel conscious while eating Indian food in school.Its a big fight for you .I do understand that,..
More later
With lots of love
P.S.- next post I will be sharing the recipe for the curry chicken which you really liked for now just sharing the pic

Friday, January 30, 2015

My Tribute and Salute to Col MN Rai

No,I didn't know about Martyred Colonel M N Rai unless I read the news when he was killed by the terrorists, then yesterday when I saw his daughter crying and saluting him in the pics  I was moved to the core I felt the pain and my heart was filled with immense sadness so this is my Tribute to and Salute to him straight from my heart .

My Tribute and Salute

He saw them approaching
With a wintry smile
So it was time to decide
To do or die.
He knew they would
Be seeking release
So he went armed
To slain them all.
He had some
Strings attached
With his family in his heart
But the love for the country
Was greater than all.
So he killed
And was killed
But the war is still on
He is gone forever
And there's pain in our heart.
To keep us safe and warm
In our hone with hearth
He gave his life
With no fear in his mind .
So this is my salute
To you and all
For your bravery
You will be
Always  in our heart.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Not the usual delicacy for the festival but the meal was feast

I know I should have written about this post few days back but couldn't because the festival was on. Weekend .Guys I am talking about the Indian Festival Basant Panchami which was on 24th of January .

Basant Panchami is a day dedicated for the Goddess of learning Saraswati .Its auspicious to wear yellow colour dress and cook something yellow in colour .

As per tradition Zarda - saffron flavoured sweet rice is cooked this day.
I thought of adding some saffron strands to kheer to give it yellowish tinge .
So the menu for the dinner was - Paratha,Nimona ,Kheer and salad.

If you are lucky to have some leftover curry the next day pair it up with Ajwain Kachodi and some pickle..Perfect for weekend breakfast or brunch .

Recipe of
Paratha blogged here
Ajwain Kachodi blogged here

Nimona - green pea curry blogged here

Kheer blogged here
Zarda blogged here

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We enjoyed this simple meal on the festival which was like feast for us .
That's all guys wish you all a great week ahead ,take care and Happy Blogging .

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

dream on however silly dream is - letter for advay 7

Dear Advay ,
Yesterday when we left home for school you question was "mummy will it snow ?" I had seen the weather app before leaving home but I didn't want to upset you so I said "no I haven't seen ." Your next question was "Mummy but you see the app everyday ."Jittering with cold  I told you that I forgot to see.

When we reached school I could see tiny flakes white coloured falling down I was happy for you that finally you will get to see snow in Lyon .You were happy I could see that in your face ,you tried to catch one or two flakes and then slowly I ushered you inside the school gate ,

I want to share with you something in this letter Advay .I had imagined or you can say wanted to watch the snow flakes coming down while I sit somewhere in a cosy place enjoying the moment ,I  shared this dream of mine with your papa too and he just laughed you must be thinking why I am telling you this because I lived my dream the same day you were so  happy and excited.

.After dropping you in school I went with my friends with whom we have blogging session on Wednesday followed by coffee.On the way I could see snow everywhere on the tree, grass and on the roof. We decided to sit near a window

.Few minutes and I was seeing my dream .I could see snow flakes coming down .I thought about you and then got lost in the moment.
Ya this was my dream and my moment which I relished and ya I missed you. So I just want to tell you never stop dreaming as dreams do come true however silly they are .That Wednesday both of us
Saw our dream coming true and ya I was happy for you.
 That's all for now
With lots of love
 your dreamy mummy
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Wish you all great day ahead
Keep on dreaming and Blogging..

Sunday, January 25, 2015

cream of chicken soup to comfort the soul

After a week full of monotonous cooking weekend I am like lets eat something light today it was the same asked hubby if its okay if theres soup for dinner for which he willingly obliged had some chicken in the fridge so thought of preparing Cream of Chicken soup .Got some baguette from the market and it was a perfect combo light and hearty and some break from the monotonous regular meal.

Recipe name - Cream of Chicken Soup
Chicken 200gm
Onion one sliced
Oil one tap
Bay leaves one crushed
cornflour one tbsp.
Salt as per taste
pepper pinch
Cream two tbsp
Boil the chicken pieces in two cup of water
Once done drain and keep aside
Shred the chicken into small pieces for further use.
Keep the broth for further use .
Heat oil in non stick wok
Add bay leaves followed by sliced onion
Keep frying till the onion turns brown
Add shredded chicken and fry for few minutes
Add  the chicken broth and let it boil for 10 mins
dissolve cornflour in half cup of water
Let it boil for 5 to 7 mins remove from flame
Whisk cream in a Separate bowl
Add to the soup garnish with pinch of pepper
Serve warm with baguette
that's all guys ,wish you all happy week ahead
Take care and happy blogging.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A precious gift which baffled me - Letter for Advay 6

Dear Advay ,
Yesterday you gave me something which was neatly packed and told me to open it ,I was shocked and happy too as for the first time you were giving me something as a present . Though I was excited I was quiet gentle while opening the present .When I took out the wrapping I was bemused as inside it I could see a rectangular box made of paper .I mused maybe inside you must have kept a small card but then you came and told me ,"Mummy that's all ." I asked you "what's this ?"
and then you said "it doesn't have anything inside it "

Then you took out something from the pencil box and gave me .It was a small glitter stone .You said ,"mummy this is for you."

You didn't waste a second .maybe you must have thought in school that mummy will be angry so will please her by giving this .I was not angry I was baffled ..I don't know what your intention was.You wanted to irritate me and then please  me too .You could have given me the box in school bus  but maybe you wanted perfect reaction from me and so the first thing which you did afer reaching home was to give me that .Your toothy smile said all. Whatever your intention was you succeeded in your prank I think so this is the result of reading too many Calvin & Hobbes btw I have kept the blue stone and ya its precious for me.
With lots of love

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Weekend Cooking - Tagliatelle in white sauce with fried sausage

Most of the time weekends I look for one pot meal kind of stuff so that I can give time to Advay for his studies .Last weekend did the same everyone agreed for pasta for dinner so prepared the same had never prepared white sauce at home so thought of trying at home thanks to the supermarket nearby get fresh pasta there so got Tagliatelle.

Recipe nameTaglietelle in white sauce with fried sausage
Recipe source Internet
Tagliatelle one packet
For white sauce
Butter one tbsp.
All purpose flour one tbsp.
Cream half cup
Salt as per taste
Sausage chicken one chopped
Cook tagliatelle till al-dente drain and keep aside
heat half tsp oil in non stick pan and fry the chopped sausage till brown and crispy
Drain and keep aside
Procedure for the sauce
Heat butter in non stick pan
Add all purpose flour and mix everything together
Followed by the cream stir and mix everything together
Till a creamy consistency is obtained .
To serve
In a bowl pour the sauce followed by drained tagliatelle top it with fried sausage
Serve warm with pinch of pepper.
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That's all friends wish you all happy week ahead

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pizza Party Day = Happy Day - letter 5 for Advay

Dear Advay ,
I was happy today when I got up ,had a nice cup of coffee with fruit cake woke you up and thus the day started you know the reason for my happiness you must be wondering because that time at 6am  I am cranky and according to you always screaming as I have to do multitasking.
Today was Pizza party day in your school which means no lunch box from home so today I didn't had to rake my brain and think what to pack in your Tiffin .Ya  Advay  I know you must be thinking that I am so lazy but yes such kind of brake specially when the food is organised by school makes me happy in different way you are happy too whenever you show me the slip for the Pizza Party for oblivious reason because you love eating pizza.
This letter is just for sharing my little happiness for you that though I like to pack Tiffin for you I love this kind of break every 2 to 3 weeks when there's no need for me to pack food for you.This was a secret in my heart which I am sharing with you today .A pinch of happiness the similar kind you have when you don't have any home work from school.
With lots of love
Your lazy mummy
p.s. the picture above  was taken in year 2013 at Nanjing Road Shanghai China
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Not the traditional khichdi - Makar Sankranti

This year couldn't do preparation for Makar Sankranti which is harvest festival for Hindus. the way I do in Singapore because I couldn't get the proper ingredient for the Khichdi so prepared Khichdi with Toor dal instead of Urad dal.Paired the meal with Alloo chokha and pickle .

Sharing the pic of the traditional khichdi which is prepared this day which my sister sent

And few pics which my friend Deepa sent who is from Karnataka
The below pic has Pongal,Yellu which is mixture of til(sesame),sharkara(jaggery),dry coconut and groundout and Sakkare Acchu which is sugar candy moulds of various shapes.
the whole spread together

Wish all the readers of Asan Khana belated Happy Makar Sankranti, Khichdi,Pongal,Maghi,Uttayaran.
Recipe of Khichdi for Sankranti blogged here
Last year Celebration pic blogged here
Recipe of Khichdi with toor dal blogged here
Recipe of Alloo Chokha blogged here
Recipe of Shakare Achu is at Taste of Mysore
Recipe of Ellu Bella is at Taste of Mysore
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Wish you all happy week ahead
Take care and happy blogging,

Friday, January 16, 2015

few yrs back things were different but now its quiet easy - some apps I love for blogging

This post is not about food this post is about apps which help me with blogging without switching on the computer .I still remember six yrs back when I started blogging I didn't had smart phone .I used to click pic with point and shoot camera ,upload the pics on computer followed by editing and then used to write the post in my blog .Now its a different story I use my IPhone to take picture and then the pic is edited in instagram if I am in bus or train I use that time to write the text in my phone which I later copy in my blog . I think so with the arrival of smart phones things have changed for bloggers its become for easy for us to share our posts ,follow our favourite blog and do so many other things so guys sharing with you all some of my favourite apps which I use for blogging,.

Instagram is the app to edit pictures and share them with family and friends ,I Love the various filters and my favourite is Rise .Image can be cropped too.
Fontstudio is the app to add text to the pictures after editing them .
Notegraphy is new app for me but I am loving it a lot here you can convert your text into your favourite font and style ,this one is good for Micropoem.
WC FREE is the app if you want to write post of particular word count .It tells you the words, characters, space and hemlines.
Twitter app for sharing the post and pictures and for following other bloggers
Pinterest for creating board and following bloggers
Analytics for checking he stats and visitor info
And I new app which I discovered yesterday but still to use is

If you guys know any app which helps in blogging please share
Wish you all happy week ahead
Take care and happy blogging,

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Curried Mushroom and peas with steamed rice for winter nights

This post is about something which I have shared few years back in 2008 , Mushroom Matar is not something which is prepared on regular basis at our home most of the time its other veggie but yesterday thought of preparing the same as I had some fresh button mushrooms in the fridge which I had got from farmers market and a box of peas too.

Recipe name curried mushroom with peas
Mushroom 200gm
Green pea half cup
Tomato one
Onion one small
Garlic one clove
Ginger one fourth inch
Salt as per taste
Turmeric powder half tsp
coriander powder half tsp
Garam masala powder one tsp
Oil to cook two tsp
Asafoetida pinch
Cumin seeds half tsp
heat oil in non stick wok, once oil is hot lower the flame
Add asafoetida and cumin seeds and let it splutter
Add chopped garlic, ginger and onion
Keep frying till the onion becomes brown
Add salt followed by turmeric and coriander powder
Fry for a minute or two and add tomatoes
Once the tomato is mushy add mushroom and peas
Cover and cook for five minutes
Add garam masala powder and half cup of water and let it simmer
After five minutes remove from flame and serve warm with chapathi or rice.

Recipe of stir fried mushroom with peas blogged here .

On a different note there's a new app by Saarthi called Suraksha Power of 5 for Android phone users .Whenever you sense danger ,you just have to double click the power button of your smart phone .Once you double click the power button it triggers the features to take necessary action immediately.It sends
- Distress alert to 2 pre identified numbers
- Distress sms to 5 contact numbers
- Distress call to a pre-identified number
- Distress voice recording & storing in local media
- Distress email to 2 registered emails.
For more info check here
Download the app and be safe, be secure, be sure - Always .
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

how I started digital detoxification - open letter for Advay 4

Dear Advay,
Yesterday I tried something new with you or you can say with myself ,when I sat with you to teach you I kept my phone away with the mute button on, this was necessary I think so that I could give you full attention while teaching so while you were doing your homework I was studying French.
I enjoyed the silence and peace ,there was no beep of whts app, no ring of call on viber ,face time or Skype .I was not checking the twitter feed or pinterest boards and ya in those two hours you never told me that "Mummy while I am studying you are busy messaging or doing things on phone ",those two hrs were just for us irrespective of whatever is happening in the outside world, we enjoyed home and the company .Thanks Advay for making me realise that I won't lose anything if I am away from phone .I enjoyed the solitude.It was like those childhood days when the only mode of entertainment was television ,now I know that rules should be for us too not only for kids .This was one of the resolution to stay away from phone for few hours and I am so glad that I started .So Advay mummy  going to be offline specially when I am with you at home and ya I am loving it.
With lots of love
p.s. The above pic was taken in narrow streets of Venice Italy in December 2014
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Monday, January 12, 2015

so I followed my heart what about you

Few days back while cooking for my friend I was intrigued by this thought in my mind Just because she is not Indian should I alter the ingredients in my recipe to suit her palate or I should cook the way I cook for us everyday . No I didn't wanted her to say that the food is perfect I wanted to show her how we eat everyday what's our normal cooking is so perturbed by these thoughts I continued cooking , what about you guys you alter the recipe to suit the palate for your guests or you cook the same way you cook everyday please share your views ..

Sharing with you all recipe of Tandoori chicken which I prepared  for my friend 
Recipe Name - Tandoori Chicken 
Recipe source kitchen experiment
Chicken drumsticks four 
Curd one cup 
Ginger garlic paste one tbsp. 
Salt as per taste 
Coriander powder one tsp
Turmeric powder one tsp 
Red chili powder one fourth tsp garam masala powder one tsp 
Juice of half lemon 
Make deep slits in the chicken and keep aside 
In a mixing bowl whisk all the ingredient together mentioned above except oil add the prepared chicken pieces and coat the chicken pieces nicely with the marinade . Keep it overnight in fridge or for few hours if to be cooked the same day .
Preparation in the oven
Line the baking tray with aluminum foil 
Preheat the oven to 180 degree centigrade 
Keep the prepared chicken pieces on the tray with some space in between and brush them with oil or butter 
Bake it in oven till it's brown and  done from both sides . If needed brush them with oil again midway . 
Serve warm with salads and dip 
We had with Chola ,Paratha ,Kachumber and plain rice .
Recipe of Chana Masala/Chola blogged here
Recipe of Paratha blogged here
Recipe of Kachumber blogged here
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That's all friends ,wish you all happy week ahead
Take care & happy blogging

Friday, January 09, 2015

Sakat Chauth 2014

Today is Sakat Chauth day devoted for the worship of Lord Ganesha remover of obstacles
Sharing with you all pic sent from. India of the festival
the fast is broken after sighting of the moon an eating boiled sweet potato with milk and til gud ladoo

Not much to say just sad with whatever happening everywhere and for the innocent people being killed whatever happened in Paris yesterday has affected me a lot maybe if I was in Singapore things would have been different but staying here in Lyon  I can see the pain & anguish of people .I am scared to go out alone even for normal errands .
Wish you all safe and happy week

Thursday, January 08, 2015

I think god must be crying - poèm

I think God must be crying 
When he sees them fighting
For something like this 
For which people are killed 

I think he must be frowning 
For such fools who are smiling
Who sing his name & glory 
& then get people killed 

I think He Must be thinking 
Why he created such being 
Who think like this
And bring misery to appease

Maybe he must be wondering 
What he was doing
When he sent them with brain 
Then Why they act insane 

I think he must be puzzled 
Why they are different 
When they all are same 
Why some act so weird 

Maybe one day he will have answers 
And then maybe there won't be slaughter 
And then all will be pleased 
With happiness in excess 

I am waiting for that day 
When we would be happy & gay
And there won't be any news 
Of something terrible like this 

Till then I can just sigh & say 
Let's fold our hands & pray 
For people who have died
Just to make us smile

p.s. the above pics are clicked in Lyon France

God in your name - a poem


God in your name
Your children are killed
if they really love you
Why they doing this
To please you
Are you really pleased ?
God in your name ,
They are ready to sin .
If they really hear you
Why can't they hear
The scream and cry
Of those who are killed .
God in your name
How long will this be seen
If they really respect you
Why can't they see
The pain and anguish
Of people suffering .
God in your name
I am praying
Please stop all this
Let there be peace
For all the
Human being .

p.s. the above pic was clicked at Hotel de Ville Lyon France

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Open Letter for Advay -3

Yesterday was special for you and us . Yesterday you went to swimming class alone without me ,your class teacher was there ,your friends were there but I was not there . Since past few yrs I had been taking you for the classes waiting for you till the class is over helping you with clothes and finally getting you home . I couldn't accompany you yesterday as the class was organised by school . I was stressed since past one week how you will manage without me ,will you be able to change into swimwear on your own or not , whether after the class you will get all your things or not what if you forget anything there and so many other worries . But you proved me wrong . When I went to pick you up and saw the smile on your face I was happy  . You told me that you truly enjoyed the class they didn't had board but had noodle so you managed there was just one suggestion from you "mummy for the next class please don't make me wear so many clothes it's difficult to remove " and ya you didn't missed anything you got everything back . So now I know that you can take responsibility of your things when I am not around and you had a day with too much adventure that's why you looking forward for the class .
Happy for you & thanks for proving me wrong 
p.s.- the above picture was clicked in your school when I had gone to drop you.

Monday, January 05, 2015

one of my favorite breakfast - weekend cooking

Weekdays mostly we eat toast ,cereal for breakfast but on weekends its different its most of the time parantha with some vegetable or stuffed paratha .
Sharing with you all one such meal which we had few days back on weekends  at home ya this one is my fav. too .The meal has plain paratha,alloo bhujia,boondi rata and a glass of orange juice.
Recipe of paratha blogged here
Recipe of alloo bhujia blogged here

There's a good news for all food lovers in India there are some days we don't want to cook, some days when we are sitting in office and suddenly start craving for something ,there are days when there are guests at home  and because of traffic on road  we are too reluctant to drive and take them out for dinner don't worry friends for days like there;'s a website called FOODPANDA
Just punch in your postal code and search for the restaurant near your area based on whatever cuisine you are looking and the price range. The search also tells you about the address and delivery hours .
To make it more easy for you they have free apps for iOS ,Windows phone and Android so just need to take your smartphone out and punch in the postal code
The four easy step of Search ,Choose ,Pay and Enjoy makes it easy and convenient for you to order anytime.
.You can order online in 100 cities with variety of cuisine to choose from some of which are Bengali, South Indian ,Pan Asian ,North Indian and many others. You can choose from variety of restaurants like Pizza Hut,Bikanervala,Southern Spice and so many other .
So friends what are you waiting for just punch in postal code and start ordering .

Sunday, January 04, 2015


Dear Advay,                                                                                                       17/12/14
Yesterday I was really happy ,had long day at disposal so planned lot to do but when I reached home after dropping you at school and read the news I was shattered ,here I had been cribbing with your papa  that you can go alone to school you are  big enough  but what happened yesterday changed me . I don't think twice about dropping and picking you even the taught that you can go alone to school scares me now ,my hearts goes out to all those parents who lost their children God please give them strength .Ya Advay this incident touched my soul and changed me showed me how wrong I was and how right your father was .Now you won't hear muumy giving justification that you can travel alone in the public bus .Yes Advay  your mother changed after the 16th December Peshawar attack.
Please forgive your mother, you are too precious for me .
With lots of love
p.s. had written this post on 17th December but couldn't publish it  

of new year resolutions and gazar ka halwa

Thanks to Whats app and Skype I get to see everyday what's being cooked at home in India after hearing umpteen times about Gazar ka Halwa
Gazar halwa

 a delicacy mostly prepared during winters in North India thought of preparing the same in Lyon .It takes some three hours to prepare it but its worth it one spoon of halwa and I felt closer to home such is the magic of food cooked at home with lots of love and patience .Thanks to my sisters for repeatedly telling me we are eating halwa or sending me pics on whtsapp we wouldn't have prepared this .As the halwa can be kept in fridge for days the best way to eat is warm by warming it up in half tap of ghee served garnished with chopped dry fruits .

Recipe blogged here at AsanKhana
Every year I share my resolutions
This year its going to be
And there's wish for you all too

Friday, January 02, 2015

its not just Samosa

Yesterday while filling the stuffing in the Samosa

 I was nostalgic I was reminded of Nani who used to prepare the same whenever we used to visit her during vacation, it seem just like yesterday when plate full of Samosa would be brought before us with chutney and we without realizing whether the person who has made Samosa got to taste it or not  would be happily eating such were the childhood days, full of memories and nostalgia .
Yesterday I realised that homemade Samosa tastes great because of the love, patience and care which goes in it

.The care with which stuffing is put inside ,the patience needed to seal the edges of the dough and the time taken to see that the Samosa is fried nicely

.If the food is cooked with devotion and love it will always taste good .Nani I missed you yesterday now I know how much effort you used to take for us thanks Nani where ever you are for giving us such nice and warm memories of childhood.

I have blogged the recipe of Samosa here
In the post blogged before had baked the Samosa but yesterday fried them and  I love the fried one better and ya I want to end the post by saying this Its not just Samosa its a fried stuffed pastry made with lots of love ,care and patience
Serve warm with chutney
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Sharing with you all poem which I wrote on year 2015
That's all guys will see you all soon ,
Take care and happy blogging