Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weekend Baking - Chicken Shami Kabab Pizza

This weekend I read a good book

baked Shami kabab Pizza

and relished Chicken  Biryani

Saturday evening
6:00pm planned menu for dinner -dal ,chawal and chicken shami kabas which were being thawed
6:30 pm changed  the menu for dinner ,with thawed  shami kababs ,pizza cheese thought of preparing Chicken Shami Kabab pizza
,kneaded the dough for pizza base and kept it for resting .
7:00pm started with the sauce preparation and fried the thawed kababs
8:00 started with the rolling of pizza base and baking
8:30 Dinner Ready :-)
its not the first time I baked pizza at home but I was always disappointed by the base
few months back when I saw the recipe of The Best Pizza Dough on Eat Live Run Blog
I thought of trying out the same recipe and ya for me its The Best Pizza Dough Recipe .....
and the best part is the leftover dough can be freezed and can be used later
before baking keep it out for an hour thats all,..:-)
Chicken Shami Kabab recipe blogged here

For the Pizza sauce 
garlic clove two minced
onion one chopped
tomato pureed two
olive oil one tbsp
salt as per taste
black pepper crushed half tsp
dried italian herb one tsp
tomato ketchup one tbsp
heat oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot lower the flame
add garlic clove followed by chopped onion
keep stirring till the onion becomes brown ,add pureed tomato
followed by salt ,pepper and italian herb
once oil is seen along the sides ,add tomato ketchup and half cup of wtaer
let it simmer and thicken .keep aside.
crumble the fried kababs and keep aside

baking temperature 100 degree centigrade 
baking time seven to ten minutes
toppings for the pizza 
pizza sauce
pizza cheese
onion rings
crumbled kabab
how I did
divided the pizza dough into four pieces
rolled out the pizza dough
topped it with pizza sauce,followed by the crumbled kabab ,cheese and onion rings
baked in a preheated oven for 10 mins
I topped my pizza with mint and green mango chutney ,bit tangy but luved it ;-)

Chicken Biryani recipe is blogged here,prepared the same way
the only difference after the layering didnt cook the biryani dum way
instead covered the dish with a foil and kept it in preheated oven for 5 minutes
served it warm with boiled fried egg and plain curd,

so baking ,cooking ,reading and doing others unlimited chores my weekend was gone
how was your weekend ?
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