Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pan fried Pomfret in Coconut Sauce

I an thankful for my three and a half year old son who makes me smile everyday
and for my loving hubby with whom i am enjoying this journey called life
there are other zillion things God for which i am thankful,
so thanks God for eveything and for making life so beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving friends,sharing with you all simple recipe of Pan Fried Pomfret,when it comes to cooking fish i get bit scared  because many times i have spoiled fish by preparing something which really doesnt tastes good but thanks God yesterday nothing went wrong and the fish was yum , another reason to Thank God,.:-)

Recipe Name - Pan fried Pomfret in coconut sauce
Recipe Source - Kitchen Experiment
Preparation time half an hour
Cooking time twenty mins
Pomfret one
salt as per taste
lemon juice one tsp
garam masala powder one and a half tsp
coconut cream half cup
ginge garlic green chili paste one tbsp
paste of one onion
oil one tbsp
rub salt and lemon juice on the pompfret
followed by onion and ginger,garlic and green chili paste
keep for 30 mins
heat oil in non stick pan
once hot lower the flame
place the marinated fish ,spinkle garam masala on both sides
keep turning the sides and slowly add coconut cream
cook till its done.
serve warm with onion tomato rings,lime wedges and geen chili.
Thats all folks,enjoy the day ,see u all soon till then happy blogging.