Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Scottish cookie Shortbread

Shortbread is a type of biscuit traditionally made from one part white sugar,two part butter and three part oatmeal.Shortbread is so named because of its crumbly texture.The cause of texture is its high fat content provided by the butter.source taken form here.
I prepared Shortbread for the first time with rice flour and plain flour.
While seraching for info on shortbread i came across this blog Cake batter and crumbs where Tracy shares recipe of Vanilla Bean Shortbread with Berries and cream, hop in at her space,its droolworthy:-)
Coming back to my recipe
source of recipe my baking book.
ingredient needed
150gm unsalted butter at room temperature
115gm caster sugar
150gm plain flour
65gm rice flour
1.5ml baking powder
1.5ml salt
step 1
preheat the oven to 16o degree C.
lightly grease a shallow round cake tin and keep aside
step 2
cream the butter and sugar together until light and fluffy,
sift over the flour,salt and baking powder.
step 3
press the mixture into the prepared tin,
smoothing the surface with the back of the spoon
prick all over with a fork 
and score into eight equal wedges.
step 4
bake until golden for 40 minutes
leave in the tin till cool enough to handle
unmould and recut the wedges while still hot
store in air tight container.
I enjoyed the cookies warm with butter and cheery preserve.
thats all frens,..ceeu guys soon,..;-)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wedding Invitation with Lotus seed pudding

Hello friends I invite u all for the wedding ceremony of my younger sis which is on 26th of June with this Sweet Dish

 specially prepared for  you guys.

Here goes the invitation

,the poem Bheengi Palke
is written by my father ;-)

For Lotus Seed Pudding  also known as Makhana Kheer or Talmakhana kheer

 I have already blogged the recipe here,this time as the pudding is special ,i added saffron strands,kewra essence and served garnished with fresh cream.

So frens enjoy the pudding and join in the celebration ,...cee you guys soon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chana dal paratha aam aachar or gobhi sabji ke saath

 When I blogged about Bakheer, I had mentioned about Chana dal parantha which is prepared every year on the auspicious day of Ramnavami,as mother is here for wedding preparation,I asked her to prepare the same paranthas and together with instant  khatta meetha aam achar, gobhi sabji and drumstick pickle meal was awesome.

Ingredient needed for chana dal parantha
Kneaded wheat dough as per requirement
Ingredient needed for filling
Chana dal 150gm
Asafetida a pinch
Cumin seeds half tsp
Dried red chili two crushed
Salt as per taste
Turmeric powder a pinch
Oil one tsp
Soak chana dal for 3 to 4 hrs in water,drain and keep aside
Heat one tsp oil in wok
Add pinch of asafetida,cumin seeds and dried rd chilli
Once they start spluttering add drained chana dal
And keep stirring now add required one cup of water
Followed by salt and turmeric powder, stir well
Cover and cook on low flame.
When the chana dal becomes tender,
Remove from flame  and let the mixture cool
And run through the blender to get a coarse mix without adding water.
Add half tsp of garam masala.
Mixture for parantha is ready.
Roll out parantha of the desired size
Fill in the chana dal mixture and
Place on a lightly oiled tava
Keep turning till it becomes brown from both side.
Serve hot with chutney and sabji.
Note- for chana dal poori,make the same in small size with thick edges ,place on lightly oiled tava and then deep fry.
Mother prepared both drumstick and mango pickle the same day,here goes the recipe.
Instant Drumstick Pickle
Ingredient needed
Garlic cloves 6
Yellow mustard two tsp
Green chilli three
Salt as per taste
Turmeric powder a pinch
Mustard oil one tsp
Drumsticks 4
Chop ,wash and boil drumsticks,drain and keep aside.
For the paste
Make paste of yellow mustard,green chili and garlic  cloves ,keep aside
Heat oil in wok
Add boiled drumsticks and fry for two minutes
Add masala paste followed by salt and turmeric powder
Fry for two minutes
Remove from flame and let it cool.
For khatta meetha aam aachar
Ingredient needed
Green mango four peeled,cubed and wash aand keep aside
Jaggery 250gm
Cumin seeds a pinch
Fennel seeds a pinch
Ajwain seeds apinch
Nigella seeds a pinch
Fenugreek seeds a pinch
Dried red chili two crushed

Salt as per taste
Heat oil on wok
Add spice mixture and salt
Add chopped mango,fry for two minutes  and remove .
In another wok add one cup of water followed by jaggery and keep stirring
Till it gains syrup like consistency
Add mango mixture and keep on low flame for few minutes.
serve warm with parathas.
For allo gobhi tamatar sabji
ingredient needed
chopped cauliflower
chopped potato one peeled and cubed
tomato one cubed
onion one cubed
green chili one
cumin seeds half tsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
turmeric powder half  tsp
oil to cook
heat oil in wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering
add chopped onion and green chili
keep frying till onions start changing their colour
now add cubed potatoes and mix well
add salt,turmeric and red chili powder
mix well followed by addition of cauliflower
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
now add chopped tomato,mix well and cover and cook.
once done serve hot with chapati and dal.
Event entry
Allo Gobhi tamatar sabji and instant drumstick pickle are off to Tasty Curry Leaf where she is on with Favourite colour event started by Sunshinemom and yellow being my favourite colour i am sending both these dishes to her event.
Khatta meetha aam achar goes to Pritis space where she is on with Festive food Summer treat,as this pickle is summer special and regularly prepared at our home .

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Announcing food event Shadi ki Thali

Days are flying quiet fast,and these days i am really busy packing Saree
,arranging my sis suitcase,writing invitation card
and doing so many other chores related to marriage,in other words i am enjoying shopping for sarees,bangles and that too from lajpat nagar,chandni chowk,karol bagh these are the shops where u will get everything related to marraige and tomorrow i have to go to lajpat nagar again to search for my sis wedding dupatta,i mean i have to take her lehenga Saree and match dupatta with the lehenga and then give it for designing,huh, u guys can cee how busy i am :-)
marriage is on 26th June so still a month left but hundreds of things to do,.with marriage on my mind ,i thought of taking u guys on a joy ride too,frens i invite you all to participate in my own event Shadi ki Thali
,as i am really curious to know what special delicacies is prepared in your native during marriage ceremonies which is a must,yes we have some recipes too which i will be sharing with u guys after the shadi,but you guys can start sending me delicacies which can be anything,i will be glad if u can send me whole platter in thali
but if u want to share one or two recipes u can send that too,..any special ritual which is particular in your native i will be glad to know,.so guys what are u waiting for join me in this special event specially for my sis ,i haven't told her about this,its gona be a surprise for her .
Guidelines for the event
prepare anything which is specially prepared during marriage ceremonies in your native
publish it in your blog and link it back to the announcement page
mail me your entries with post url and pic at by 30th of June
and ya i will be happy to receive entries from non bloggers too.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Tangy Appe huli from Deeshas kitchen with plain rice and Jeera alloo

When I saw Appe huli
at Deeshas place,I couldn’t stop drooling over looking at the pic,new for me, I thought of giving the recipe a try,and I am so happy I tried the recipe,thanks a ton Deesha for sharing such yummy recipe,I enjoyed Appe huli with plain rice,jeera alloo and fresh mango slice.

For Jeera alloo -
ingredient needed
chopped potato two
cumin seeds half tsp
oil one tsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
turmeric powder half tsp
heat oil in non stick wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering
add chopped potatoes and keep frying till potatoes become soft
sprinkle in salt,red chili and turmeric powder
and cover and cook on low flame for a  minute or two till potatoes become tender.
serve hot with plain rice and appe huli.
This platter is perfect comfort food for me so this plate is off for Truptis event Comfort food for illness,apart from this plate i am also sending Dal chawal,Tehari and Khichdi for her event. 
Neha of easy and tasty recipes is on with MBP Mango masti event started by Coffee of the spice cafe ,Appe huli from Deeshas space is off for her event.
Have a happy week frens,cee u all soon,..;-)


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crispy ajwain kachori with paneer sabji

Yesterday felt like having Paneer curry for dinner and together with ajwain kachori combo was perfect,Pallavi was craving since a long time for Kachoris,so i asked mother to prepare Kachori specially for her while i prepared cottage cheese curry.
This recipe is very simple and quiet apt for beginners in cooking,i am posting this recipe specially for Pallavi :-) so that she can try this recipe whenever she wants,marraige thought me cooking and i guess thats what is inspiring my Sis to cook .
coming to the recipe of Paneer curry
ingredient needed
cottage cheese 125gm chopped 
onion chopped three
tomato two chopped
grated ginger half tsp
garli clove chopped three
green chilli chopped one
salt as per taste
oil to cook one tbsp
half tsp each of red chilli ,turmeric and coriander powder
pinch of garam masala powder.
chopped coriander leaves to garnish one tbsp
cumin seeds half tsp
heat oil in wok and add cumin seeds
once cumin seeds start spluttering
add ginger,garlic,green chilli and onions
keep frying till onions start changing their colour
add tomatoes and mix well
once tomatoes gets mixed with onions add
salt and masala mixture(red chilli,turmeric and corinader powder)
keep stirring on low flame till oil is seen along the sides
if the masala starts sticking add few drops of water and scrap from the sides
add required amount of water as desired (i usually like thick gravy so i add less water )
let the gravy boil ,once gravy starts boiling lower the flame and add chopped cottage cheese.
mix well and let it simmer for few minutes.
before removing from flame add pinch of garam masala and coriander leaves.
mix well and serve hot with pori or chapatis.
Recipe of Ajwain kachori
ingredient needed
wheat flour depending on your need
water to need the dough
salt as per taste
one tsp oil (for the dough)
ajwain seeds one tsp
mix all the ingredients and knead smooth dough
roll out in the shape of pooris but slightly thicker than pooris
heat oil in wok
once oil is hot lower the flame and slowly slide the kachodis
keep turning till the kachodis are brown from both side
serve hot with curry of choice .
Event entry
Poornima of tasty treats is on with My favourite things event theme this month being cheese ,event started by Bindiya of in luv with food.
Panner subji goes to her event .
Enjoy the week frens,..cee u all soon,..:-)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Teekha kori rotti or bari chutney thande raitha or lassi ke sath.

Since past few days our meal was just salad and fruits, so today thought of preparing something spicy for lunch, further there were guests coming home for lunch, which was another reason for me to prepare a spread, I wanted to try something regional, so browsed through the net for the recipes and finally zeroed in for Kori Roti recipe which is taken from here,

traditionally eaten with roti in Managlore which is crisp rice flake preparation, but we enjoyed spicy curry with cranberry flavoured fried rice,onion tomato raita and bari chutney.

For Cranberry flavoured rice- prepare rice the usual way or leftover rice can be used to,heat oil in a nonstick wok,add pinch of cumin seeds, handful of chopped onions, half of chopped green chili,pinch of salt, keep frying till the onions start changing colour, I fried till the onions were brown ,now add cooked rice ,mix well followed by pinch of pink colour and dried cranberries. Mix well and serve warm with curry of your choice


Bari chutneyAnita of Mad tea party has described in this post what BARI is,only difference is she calls them wadi,and her wadis are from Amritsar :-)
Sharmila of Kichu KHON has shared in this post how to prepare Bori also known as Mungaudi.
This is how I  prepared chutney
Mix togeter one or two spiced bari, coriander leaves chopped ,garlic 3 cloves, salt  as per taste,run through the blender, Chutney is ready.
onion tomato raita- beat curd ,mix chopped onion and tomato.add pinch of salt and red chili powder.
These days my morning cup of tea is replaced by glass of Lassi,I keep experimenting with different ingredients which I can add in curd and run through the blender,but one thing which remains most of the time same is Malai wali lassi.
This lassi reminds me of a small market in my hometown where this kind of Lassi was sold in large kulhad topped with malai and so thick that we needed spoon to finish it off,I tried to recreate the same at home,but couldn’t prepare that thick which we get in the market .
This is how I did,- add almonds,sugar, kewra water essence to curd and run through the blender,once done transfer to the serving glass and top it with fresh malai.
Malai wali lassi is ready to be indulged,..enjoy,..

event entry
BARI CHUTNEY goes to my friend SOWMYAS EVENT Swc cooking with green event started by lakshmi of cooking station.
MALAI WALI LASSI  goes to Pritis space where she is on with Festive food SUMMER TREAT.
 Bari chutney,malai wala lassi,onion tomato raita and cranberry fried rice goes to 15 minute cooking event hosted by Mahima.
Take care friends ,..ceeu all soon,..;-

Friday, May 08, 2009

Tangy green salad and Tricolour pasta with chicken

I guess god heard my cribbings about the the hot weather,weather is bit normal now with more of clouds and less of heat,sudden downpour brought the temerature down which is good relief for us ;-)
In todays post i will be sharing simple salad recipe which i prepared with left over Dhania alloo.
Ingredeint needed
Leftover Dhania alloo two tbsp
chopped cucumber one
home made cottage cheese two tbsp (crushed )
Mix all the ingredient together in a mixing bowl.
Serve chilled.
Power cut in delhi is too frequent these days,u never know when u will have to cook in dark kitchen with just candles ,same thing happened to me few days back , i was about to start preparing dinner when suddnely i was surrounded in darkness,with just me and Advay around and inverter battery exausted i somehow managed for matchbox and lighted candles.It was already 8pm had an hour to prepare dinner as Pallavi reaches home by 9pm,..this is wht i prepared in Candlenight with whatever was there in fridge and pantry.
Chicken Pasta with Pink pepper
ingredient needed
Tricolour pasta one cup
 salt as per taste
 pepper as per taste
boiled chicken 150gm
onion one chopped lengthwise
garlic two clove chopped lengthwise
pink pepper half tsp
italian dressing half tsp.
Olive oil one tbsp
Prepare the chicken by separating chicken from the bone,with help of knife make thin stripes.Keep aside.
Prepare Pasta by boling in water,drain and keep aside.
Heat oil in non stick wok,add chopped onion and garlic and keep frying till onions start changing their colour.
Now add boiled chicken and fry further for two minutes followed by addition of salt and pepper.
Once the mixture looks done add boiled pasta followed by italian dressing and pink pepper .
Mix well and serve warm.
event entry
Tangy green salad goes to SWC green event hosted by my friend Sowmya of Creative Saga and started by Lakshmi of taste of mysore. 
Poornima of tasty treats is on with My Favourite things event theme being this month Cheese event started by Bindiya of In luv with food.  
Tangy green salad which is meal in itself also goes to Wyf QUICK Meal event hosted by Ec.
Thats all frens i will be back soon,...u guys take care ,..:-)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Moroccan Rice Pudding

Never thought could prepare kheer in Badam milk,when i saw the recipe of Moroccan Rice Pudding in my mediterranean cookbook i thought of giving it a try,preparation is quiet simple and easy,..i have varied the ingredient depending on my need ,the measurement below is the exact measurement given in the book,

ingredient needed

25gm blanched almonds chopped

450gm pudding rice

25gm icing sugar

7.5cm cinnamom stick

50gm butter

pinch of salt

1.5ml almond essence

175ml milk


Step 1 to extract the Badam milk

Put the almonds in the food processor with 4 tbsp of hot water,process and push through a sieve in a bowl,return to the blender ,add further 4 tbsp of hot water and process again.Push through the sieve into a sauce pan.

Step 2

add 300ml water to the almond milk and bring to a boil,add rice,sugar,cinnamon and half the butter,salt,almond essence and half the milk.

Step 3

Bring to boil,then simmer,covered for 30 minutes,adding more milk if necessary.

Continue to cook the rice ,stirring and adding the remaining milk until it becomes thick and creamy.

Step 4

Pour the rice pudding into a serving bowl, and serve warm or if desired chilled.

Advays summer break is on before time because of the summer,temperature is the same ,its like sitting in a heated room,...:-),hope u guys doing great,,wish u all happy weekend,catch u all soon,...:-)

Friday, May 01, 2009

Sattu bhari bhowri chokhe ke saath ,...

Craving for bhowri forced me to prepare this platter,i know most of u all wont be knowing what Bhowri is ,:-)
Bhowri is made of wheat dough by shaping the dough in the form of ball ,bhowri can be prepared plain or filled with sattu mixture,i had filled with sattu mixture ,traditionally bhowri is roasted in open fire made of wood,common food in most of the uttar pradesh villages,served with chutney,alloo chokha,dal its a complete meal in itself,bhowri is staple diet of most of the farmers,when they leave for work in the morning,bhowri is tied in a piece of cloth along with some chutney and raw onion.
bhowri is also known as bati or litti in other part of India,in Rajasthan it is served with Rajasthani dal,and churma.
I made use of panirayam pan while preparing Bhowri.
for sattu mixture-
mix sattu powder (which is available in local grocery store) with chopped onion,garlic,green chilli,salt and pickle masala.
knead the dough the same way as it is done for roti,divide the dough into equal parts,flatten each part fill in the mixture and make round shape .
once all the bhowri are done.
roast in panirayam pan till brown from all sides and crispy.
Serve hot with alloo chokha ,and chutney,
i enjoyed my meal with fried fara,matha and chokha.
Recipe of fried fara is already blogged here
for alloo chokha(mashed potatoes) - mix chopped onion,green chilli and garlic clove,followed by salt and red chilli pickle in boiled and mashed potato.
for matha (spiced butter milk)-mix black salt,chopped green chill and grated ginger in chilled buttermilk.
One of the regularly prepared meal whenever we used to visit our village,specially prepared by our dadi,and ya there used to be baingan bhartha too ,..really miss those days,.
Matha is regular at our home throught the summer ,again something as refreshing as aam panna,...these days i am having matha daily,,..:-)
Refreshing Matha joins in Pritis event Summer treat
and this whole post goes to Shamas event Village Special Recipes .
Thats all frens,,,,delhi weather is driving me mad ,..:-(its hot like anything,...u all tk cre...ceeu all soon,...