Friday, July 31, 2015

fried lamb chop with just three ingrediets

This recipe is for those days when you are in a jiffy to cook specially when staying out in an apartment while travelling needs just few ingredients and can be eaten as starter or paired with curry for main dish..

Recipe name fried lamb chops
Lamb chop
Ginger garlic paste
Salt as per taste
Garam masala powder
In a mixing bowl mix
all the ingredients together
Mix nicely and keep aside
heat oil in non stick pan
Shallow fry the chop pieces till
Evenly brown from both sides
Once done remove from flame
And  serve warm with some salad,..


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

be part of the rainbow of butterflies lets fly together ....

The eyes, Shakespeare said, are the windows to your soul. we would like to dither. We all have beautiful eyes but the soul is a different matter all together. The soul is made up of the mind, the will and the emotions.
 On this blog, we would like to look into your soul through your words because we each have a story worth telling. so tell us the story of your soul. We are different but we are all beautiful, just like butterflies, trying to soar high. Even with broken wings and bruised scars we carry on.
 We would love to hear stories of other butterflies too fluttering around so that together we can become Rainbow of Butterflies and inspires other with our life, so what are you waiting for? Write to us so that you can be part of this beautiful world to inspire…
 This is about Rainbow of Butterflies which my sister is starting so guys pick up your pen & send us your story at -

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

summer memories in lyon - open letter for advay letter 17

Dear Advay ,
Your school holidays have started while in my free time I weave words, paint ,read books ,blog and do so many other things you manage your time by playing with Lego ,reading books ,playing games & sometimes if your mood is good helping me with chores ,one good thing is this now you can reach freezer take out ice cubes .I really feel warm when you ask me every time whether I want cold water or not such small things make me happy .

.You are happy to be home love your own space and is dreamer  just like me .So son lets make awesome memories this summer ,will be writing about the summer went in the next few letters

Monday, July 13, 2015

lyon dairy - eatng out Confit De Canard

After living in Lyon for more then 6 months I have some idea about the food culture here .Yesterday we went for outing to Grenoble a small town nearby and from there to nearby hill and lake

stopped at a small coffee shop for lunch
as my friend from Lyon was also there she told me to try Confit de Canard ,she explained Confit means slow cooked for the side paired the meal with oven baked potatoes .Nicely cooked liked the taste of duck meat paired with salad and potatoes ...

So if travelling in France do try this if you are non vegetarian finished off the meal with cappuccino which they served topped with whipped cream .

Satiated and happy with new gastronomic experience we couldn't have asked for more.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

lyon dairy - eating during summer baingan bharta

As told in my morning post I am planning to cook light meal because of summer here in Lyon France .For todays dinner cooked Baingan Bharta in Microwave with less than half tap of oil .This can be also cooked while travelling as the whole cooking process is done in microwave .

Recipe Name Baingan Bharta cooked in Microwave
Brinjal one
Onion one
Tomato two
Garlic clove three
Green chilli one
Potato four
Salt as per taste
Oil to cook half tap
To put before serving
Coriander leaves
Chat masala
amchur powder
Boil potatoes in microwave peel mash and keep aside
Make slit in brinjal push garlic and green chilli
Sprinkle few drops of oil and cook in microwave
For seven minutes keep aside
Chop tomatoes sprinkle oil and cook in
Microwave for three minutes
In a mixing bowl mix all the above ingredients with
Chopped onion ,coriander leaves ,salt,chat masala
And amchur powder
Serve warm with paratha or chapathi
Other recipe of Baingan Bharta on Asan Khana
Cooked in oven
Cooked on stovetop
That's all friends will catch up with you all soon take care and happy blogging

Saturday, July 11, 2015

perfect for summer kebab wrap with poulet roti.

Its been long break I know had been busy with many things which kept me away from food blogging but now that Advays summer break is on I have more time with me ,its summer here which means lighter meal for us today's post is about light meal which we had today for lunch this one hardly needs any preparation just few ingredients and the meal is ready all the ready to eat ingredients are readily available in supermarket in Lyon France ,vegetables from farmers market .This wrap is good while travelling to or when staying in apartment on vacation

Kebab wrap one
poulet roti /roasted chicken- shredded according to need
Chopped onion tomato cucumber
tzatziki sauce one tbsp.
Chat masala as per taste
Heat non stick pan and warm kebab wrap
Add the shredded chicken & let it be warm for few minutes
Remove from flame add chopped onion tomato and cucumber
Top it with the dip and chat masala roll the wrap and serve