Sunday, March 01, 2009

Phool gobhi ka aachar allo paranthe ke sath,..:-)

I guess everybody loves home made pickles because they are prepared with special care, love and affection ,pickles are not my cup of tea because I feel they need proper measurement and most of my cooking is without measurement I just use approx ingredients needed but  when I asked my mom ingredients for gobhi pickle which she had prepared and got from home she told me she never uses any measurement its just Andaz se ,I couldnt help smiling still I had to blog the recipe so I asked her again if she can tell me the approx amount of the ingredients,she thought hard and then told me the measurements ,u guys must be thinking why I am blabbering so much about the pickle its because i am going to share my moms  recipe of Instant Gobhi pickle for JFI Cauliflower hosted this month by Paajaka recipes and started by Indira of Mahanandi.
Ingredient needed are- 250gm chopped cauliflower  florets,100 gm fresh green peas,green chilli handful,100gm fennel seeds,100gm rye seeds,one  tsp red chilli powder,two tsp coriander powder,pinch of asafoetida,salt to taste and  200ml mustard oil to preserve.
Procedure-In a wok boil water and when the water starts boiling add chopped cauliflower florest and green peas ,keep them in water for 2 mins,drain and keep in sun to dry for two to three hrs. 
slit half the green chillies ,wash and dry in the sun.
Run through blender fennel and rye seeds, add red chilli powder,coriander powder, asafoetida ,turmeric powder and salt to the fennel and rye powder.
mix this mixture to the dried cauliflower and green peas and sun dried green chillies.
In a dry and sterile jar pour the cauliflower mixture followed by mustard oil,mix well and the pickle is ready to eat.
This pickle goes well with parathas,dal chawal and roti subji.
We enjoyed with Allo parantha
Ingredient needed- boiled potato two,green chilli one,salt as per taste,garam masala powder half tsp,coriander powder half tsp,pinch of haldi,cumin seeds pinch,pinch of red chilli powder.
Procedure-mix all the ingredients together except cumin seeds
Heat oil in non stick wok,add pinch of cumin seeds,followed by the potato mixture,stir fry for few minutes,remove from flame and let it cool.
Roll out chapatti shape with help of rolling pin fill in the potato mixture in the centre
Seal all the ends of the chapatti to cover the dough.
and roll out again chapati shape
keep non stick tava on flame
add few drops of refined oil or rub the tava with butter whatever is preffered.
roast the parantha on tava till brown from both sides.
serve hot with curd or pickle.
Delicious to eat and simple to make Allo paratha goes to Siris corner where she is on with Recipe for rest of us -Dinner edition event started by innovative Ramki of One Page Cookbook .
Lakshmi my friend from Singapore is on with SWC Meal on Wheel where she is asking everyone to prepare food which can be carried while travelling Allo parantha and instant gobhi pickle are off for her event,as most of our long train journeys this is the combo which we used to carry...,ie pickle and parantha.
Ceeu all soon,..frens,.enjoy the weekend,...till thn hppy bloggin,..:-)