Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chicken Shami Kebab for International Buffet in School

When Advay told me about International Buffet in school was clueless what to give him husband suggested Chicken Shami Kebab

 so we prepared  the same yesterday to be packed for the school ,

Recipe is inspired from
Deeba of Passionate about baking
Sangeetha of Banaras ka khan and for the love of yum
It was not easy when you don't have spice grinder at home so grounded the roasted whole spices with help of steel ladle took some hours for the preparation of the mince with everything but it was worth it.

 a.Thanks a ton guys for sharing the recipe .
The pic taken at school
and ya they all loved it

Recipe at asankhana here
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That's all guys ,wish you all happy weekend

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Child cry not ...

Child cry not
For They cant hear 
They are built of stone 
So They dont Have fear 
Child tremble not 
For They cant feel 
They are meant to 
Do their thing 
Child whimper not 
For They wont heed
For them you 
Are not Living 
Child shudder not 
For They cant be pleased
They are armed for you 
And So they  will Kill 
Child pray now
For a better World 
So that when born again 
U can breath 
Child you are gone now
And I Wait hère 
I Know the Wait Is endless 
For a better World 
For a World where you are not Killed
For a World where you dont nead  to plead 
And you go to School to Study and play 
Not to be Killed .

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

today I cry

Today I cry 
A silent cry 
For all those 
Who Have died 

I am Shocked
Till when this gonna last 
To Kill for revenge 
To avenge one & all

Didnt you thought 
When you shot 
With bullets & gun
Armed like bomb

Didnt you réalise
When they cried
That Its not their fault
That they are meant to be Alive

Ya now they are dead 
All gone and Its sad 
I Just cry a silent tear 
And ask god to Give Thém strength 

To See what They cant See 
To bear what they cant bear 
To all the parents who lost their Child 
God Give them strength to bear this 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

coussin de lyon -lyon speciality

While walking in the narrow street of Lyon I saw several candy stores , most of them had
Coussin de Lyon written on them and image of green cushion shaped candies on the shop door.

 Intrigued and bewildered thought of trying the same during evening stroll thankfully they are sold per piece too,

Bought them for the first time from Chocolate Voisin .loved them .

The Coussin de Lyon is sweet speciality of Lyon France This candy is composed of chocolate and marzipan ,filling is flavoured with Curacao.

This Chocolate was created in 1960 by Chocolatier Vinson

 ya this delicacy is something which should not be missed