Monday, November 22, 2010

Perfect for winters - coconut based spicy egg curry

My fingers feel numb when i type,i just dont want to sit with the laptop,i have lost the zeal i guess ,but then i have to do this ,to get myself back to the normal routine,past few weeks i have been travelling like anything to be precise every third day i was in different city so u guys can understand, what i had planned i didnt do but still i had a blast,Advay had a nice time with his cousins

missing everyone back home...and the home cooked food,..and my sisters guys missing you all lotz take care hope to meet u all soon,.
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all south indian egg curry,

since the day i have come i have just cooked the day to day  meal ie dal chawal,wadi pulao,rajma chawal,etc, today i had to prepare something with egg ,i wanted to try something new,so while browsing when i saw the recipe here,i had to try this,i dont know how authentic this recipe is,curry was bit hot,and tasted great with chapati.
thats all guys , take care and happy blogging.