Monday, December 07, 2009

Its Time to Jingle Again,...:-) Christmas Event

I can still remember how every Christmas there would be gathering of cousins, neighbours  ,relatives and family members at our home, reason being very simple 25th December being my birthday, then with time as I grew up celebrations were limited to elaborate dinner at home, though at Christmas there was no decoration of Christmas tree or Xmas tree I always wanted to decorate one ,last year got one and decorated for the first time, this year Neha and Advay decorated the tree ,still lotz to be done,while clicking pics today thought of this event so here I am with another Event at Asan Khana titled Its time to Jingle Again,

all you guys have to do is send me whatever you guys prepare for Christmas  ,Christmas Cakes ,Cookies, Goodies which u guys prepare ,Christmas tree Decoration ,or simple memories, Last year my Christmas was terrific one,this  year I guess its gonna be good one too ; -) so guys what are you waiting Lets Jingle up the season with Goodies,…and  end the year on good note

Send me the link of your Christmas Post ,that’s all you have to do and join me in the event.
Mail me ur JINGLE posts on
Round up will be published by 15th of Jan 2010

 So what are you waiting for lets Jingle up guys,.:-)

Something warm and comforting - Chicken Soup with Brussel Sprouts perfect for Winters

These days our meal at night is replaced by bowl of warm soup, so when Neha asked me to prepare soup for dinner I prepared  'Chicken Soup with Brussel sprout

Ingredient needed
Shredded chicken one cup approx 200gm
chicken stock 300ml
Brussel sprout two
Onion two chopped
Garli clove three chopped
tomato one chopped
dried red chili two
Cinnamon stick half inch
Black cardamom two
Olive oil one tsp
Salt as per taste
Goan Curry powder one tbsp

Blanched almond to garnish
Heat oil in non stick wok’
Add cinnamon sticks,followed by black cardamom and dried red chili
Add chopped Onions followed by garlic cloves,
keep stirring till the onions are done add tomatoes and fry further for two minutes
add brussel sprout followed by goan curry powder and mix well
sprinkle salt followed by boiled shredded chicken
add chicken stock and let it simmer for some time,
once done remove from flame and garnish with blanched almonds.

Warm ,Comforting and Healthy what can be better than this specially in winters,..:-) happy week ahead frens cee u all soon,..:-)