Saturday, July 11, 2015

perfect for summer kebab wrap with poulet roti.

Its been long break I know had been busy with many things which kept me away from food blogging but now that Advays summer break is on I have more time with me ,its summer here which means lighter meal for us today's post is about light meal which we had today for lunch this one hardly needs any preparation just few ingredients and the meal is ready all the ready to eat ingredients are readily available in supermarket in Lyon France ,vegetables from farmers market .This wrap is good while travelling to or when staying in apartment on vacation

Kebab wrap one
poulet roti /roasted chicken- shredded according to need
Chopped onion tomato cucumber
tzatziki sauce one tbsp.
Chat masala as per taste
Heat non stick pan and warm kebab wrap
Add the shredded chicken & let it be warm for few minutes
Remove from flame add chopped onion tomato and cucumber
Top it with the dip and chat masala roll the wrap and serve