Friday, December 25, 2009

Celebrating Christmas and Birthday with Eggless Christmas Cake

With nani around i had to bake eggless christmas cake for everyone ,while i was baking she was pretty excited how the cake would taste,as she is very fond of such things which were rare during her days,she liked eggless banana muffin,mexican cinnamon cookies too ,i goona post them soon as this whole week i will be on with Recipe Marathon hosted by Nupur of One Hot stove ,this is first recipe marathon which i gonna participate so i am pretty excited so guys u gonna cee posts whole week on asankhana i dont know how i goona do that :-) coming back to todays post i gonna share recipe of my first eggless christmas cake which i baked today ,
recipe source cake book
recipe name Eggless Christmas Cake
preparation time one hr
baking time 40 mins\
baking temperature 150 degree centigrade

ingredient needed

75gm golden raisins
75gm raisins
75gm currants
75gm glace cherries
50 gm mixed peel
250ml apple juice
25gm toasted hazelnuts
30ml pumpkin seeds
2 pieces preserved stem ginger
finely grated rind of 1 lemon
120ml milk
50 ml sunflower oil
225gm self rising/wholemeal flour
10ml mixed (apple pie)spice
45ml brandy or dark rum
apricot jam for brushing

Preparation Soak the sultanas ,raisins,currants,cherries and mixed peel in the apple juice overnight
Preheat the oven to 150degree centigrade ,grease and line cake tin and keep aside
In a mixing bowl transfer the soaked fruits,add hazelnuts,pumpkin seeds,ginger and lemon rind to the fruit.
Stir in the milk and oil ,sift the flour and spice into another bowl,then add to the fruit mixture with brandy or rum.
Combine thoroughly
Spoon the mixture into the prepared tinand bake for 40 mins or until the cake is golden brown and firm to touch.
Cool on wire rack

With the left over batter i prepared cupcakes or muffins whatever they look like in small muffin pan this is how they looked .
Eggless Christmas Cake is off for Show me your cake event hosted by Divya of dil se
and to Its time to Jingle Event hosted by me .
one another look guys :-) wish u all merry christmas ,and ya dont forget to wish me back its my birthday today,,,,:-)tk cre,..and merry christmas again