Friday, December 31, 2010

Loved it ,Lived it - Year 2010

To go ahead with this post I need a warm cup of coffee , I need to go back to the cold winter evening of  January in Delhi  and come back to tropical  December  of Singapore .Year 2010 is special one for me reason being first half I spent in India and the other half in Singapore.,
Year 2008 - shared some regional meals of India
Year 2009 - shared some favourite posts from the archieve
Year 2010 - Its gonna be best post of each month
January  Nimona - Green pea curry  moms recipe ;-)
Febuary Palak Papdi Chaat my favourite street food
March Street food of my hometown
April   Iced Cupcakes first experience
May  Fresh fruits in Cherry sauce perfect for Delhi summer
June Blueberry crisp with icecream 
July  Dosti roti with butter chicken Nehas recipe
August Eggless Blueberry Muffin Finally jinx ends
September Nectarine Coconut Pound Cake Cake was ,...
October Raspberry Buttermilk Cake Ode to food bloggers
November Where is the Food from Food fiction
December Chocolate cupcakes with Raspberry Jam
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Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy New Year 2011,..;-)
heres a glimpse of whats coming next ,..

take care ,see you all soon :-)
happy blogging,..

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Last year my kitchen smelt of fresh baked bread in december
this year kitchen smelt of cookies ;-)

Baked Chocolate Sugar Cookies Inspired from here
Sprinkled sugar on them before baking

baked some plain ones too...
Advay with decked up christmas tree.
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Turning 30,...;-)

Year 2008 i celebrated with my family
Year 2009 was with family again
This year it was just three of us but it was fun

evening spent at beach

simple celebration at home
Thats it guys,wish all the readers of Asan Khana Merry Christmas,
will see you all soon,..:-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kerala egg curry with Aloo palak paratha

Thanks to the Blogosphere,whenever i am out of recipe or want to try something new i know what to google so today my google search landed me on these two awesome blogs , I tried
Kerala Egg Curry from Arundathi My Food Blog &
Aloo Palak Paratha from Shvetas Cooking Blog

this platter is joining Blog Bites 9 -Holiday Buffet hosted by Nupur of One Hot Stove.
Thats all friends,enjoy the week ahead,see you all soon.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Celebration at Peters Home

Mary counted the coins she had got in her coin box,she had counted twice ,this was the third  time she was counting,she had some nine dollars and fifty cents in her coin box thats it,tonight  being christmas eve she had managed to sell almost all of Santa hat and Chirstmas decorations ,but still money was not enough to get the  rest of the ingredients  for the  cake,which she had promised she would bake for her son .She knew at home her son must be waiting anxiously for her to come and bake the cake.Since past few weeks she had been collecting money to bake cake,she had got half ingredients but still she needed so many other things for the Christmas cake.Mary clutched her battered coat together to feel warm and walked slowly towards her house.
As soon as Mary left for her shop in the noon, Peter Mary's 12 year old son,took out the tiny bit of paper which he had kept in his notebook.He had asked his teacher for simple cookie recipe which he wanted to bake for his mother.He knew how hard his mother was working for him ,to take care of him .Morning she was working in  flower shop  and evening   in another  gift shop.He wanted to do something special for her,something which would make this Christmas eve  special for her.Since his fathers death his mother was everything for him.His teacher had explained him the recipe,with his small fingers he mixed everything in a bowl ,kneaded soft dough  and kept the dough  in the fridge to chill.He knew his mother wont be back till evening.Patiently he waited for an hour,then he preheated the oven his father had gifted his mother on her birthday,and with small cookie cutter which he had got from the near by shop shaped the cookies,it was not easy for him but he didnt give up,once done he kept the cookies for baking.

Peter cleaned the small table they had in their kitchen ,took out white bedsheet to spread,kept some old christmas ornaments  and burnt some candles to make the place look warm and cosy.He also prepared his mothers favourite coffee
When Mary reached home all she could see was some candles through the window,thinking she must have forgotten to pay the bill,she slowly knocked the door.Peter tells her about some wire break and guides her in with candle in his hand.
Peter : "Mamma u got the cake ingredients , but now we wont be able to bake."
Merry: " no son all the shops were closed,dont worry i will get the rest of the ingredients tomorrow."
Peter slowly takes the veil of from the table

Mary sees platter of cookies with warm mug of coffee
Peter:"Mamma I asked you to bake cake for me ,as i wanted to bake cookies with the ingredients which you had got ,wish you Merry Christmas Mamma."
Mary : "I was so upset thanks for making my day son,wish you Merry Christmas  too."

Christmas Sugar Cookies recipe adapted from here
Baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
baking time 3 to 4 mins
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple platter of Vankaya Vepudu with Ajwain Paratha

Tried this simple brinjal stir fry from Cooking with Pedatha

Paired the brinjal roast ( Vankaya Vepudu ) with Ajwain Paratha

Recipe of Ajwain Paratha can be found here
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Ajwain paratha joins the event cooking with seeds Ajwain hosted by Seasoned and Dressed event started by Priya of Easy and Tasty Recipes.
Thanks a ton Pallavi for this book,this book was on my wish list since a long time...:-)
Thats all friends ,see you all soon,haapy week ahead

Monday, December 13, 2010

Mini Chocolate cupcakes with Raspberry Jam

With a three and half year old at home 24hrs a day ,
i have to think of ideas to keep him busy whole day,
thats the reason why i am not so frequent with my posts these days
as i am dead tired by the end of the day.
Last week thought of engaging Advay while baking chocolate cupcakes,he was by my side whole time when i mixed ,poured and baked the cupcakes.Ya he had to wait to taste the cupcakes as i had to take pics,
thanks Advay for the patience i know it was  hard for you but still you beared with me,..;-)

Recipe Name Chocolate Cupcakes
Recipe source Cupcake book
Preparation time15 mins
Baking time 5 mins
Baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
All purpose flour half cup
Cocoa powder two tbsp
Sugar halp cup
Oil one fourth cup
Baking soda half tsp
Egg one
Vanilla essence half tsp
water one fourth cup

Preheat the oven to 100 degree centigrade
line a cupcake tray with paper liner keep aside
In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients listed above and mix till smooth.
spoon the mixture into cupcake tray ,tap and check they should be half filled.
Place in the preheated oven and bake for 5 mins.
Transfer on cooling rack to cool completely
Chocolate and  Raspberry Jam Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake
Raspberry Jam
Icing sugar
Edible silver ball
with help of melon baler remove a circle from the top of cooled cupcake
spoon half tsp of jam into the sccoped out space
replace the cupcake top
sprinkle edible silver balls and icing sugar.
other cupcake recipe blogged at Asankhana
Iced Cupcakes here and here

the chocolate cupcakes are off for
Its time to Jingle again event
Kids Delight Holiday Special hosted by Srivalli
December Carnival - Christmas Decor and Delights hosted by The Key bunch team
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 Sharing with you all Christmas tree pic , thats Advay in red,..:-)

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Feel good food - platter of Murgh Badami with Bidari Paratha

Sometimes we have to prepare something just to feel good ,or you guys can say sometimes we accidently prepare soemthing which is so good that it has to be published and shared with everyone this one is something very similar, prepared this simple chicken curry with bidari parathas combo was yum,..

Recipe name Murgh Badami
Recipe source kitchen experiment
Preparation time 10 mins
Cooking time 20 mins
chicken drumsticks six
onion two chopped
green chili two
garlic clove tw\
chicken masala
curd one cup
salt as per taste
oil to cook
soaked almond seven
pistachio to garnish
prepare paste of almond and keep aside
sprinkle half tsp of chicken masala and two tbsp of curd on chicken and mix keep aside
heat one tsp of oil in non stick wok
add chopped onion followed by green chili and ginger
keep stirring till onions start changing colour
add marinated chicken and keep stirring
once it starts sticking add the leftover curd,chicken masala,salt
give a good stir and add almond paste ,cover and cook
let it simmer for few minutes ,
serve warm garnished with pistachio.
For Bidari Paratha recipe click here
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 hosted by Priya of Mharo Rajasthan
Special thanks to Nachiketa of The Variable - Crazy over desserts  for the Complimentary Vouchers of Choko La
Thats all friends,see you all soon Advays term break has started so this whole month i gonna be very busy ,happy blogging wish you all happy week ahead,..

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Perfect for winters - chicken in spicy spinach sauce

Most of the time when hubby is on call,it rains here and i am clueless  about what to prepare for dinner as its just me and Advay, if alone i would have been happy with a bowl of warm soup,but then Advay he wont drink soup and sleep so i guess i will prepare lemon rice or coconut rice or maybe some stuffed  paratha,..lets see,..:-)
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all bowl of chicken which i prepared few days back  when unlike today all three of us were there, i have seen this in many blog ,this is what i prepared with the ingredients around,this tastes better the next day as the flavours become more intense

Recipe name chicken in spicy spinach sauce
Recipe source kitchen experiment
Preparation time 20 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
Ingredient chicken 400gm
onion three
tomato one'
green chili two
garlic clove two
ginger half inch
baby spinach leaves  one cup
salt as per taste
oil to cook
half tsp turmeric powder
half tsp coriander powder
clove four
cinnamon crushed half inch
cumin one tsp
corianer seeds half tsp
black cardamom two
dried red chili two crushed
bay leaves crushed three
kabab chini four
green cardamom two
make paste of ginger garlic and green chili keep aside
make paste of two onion and keep aside
chop one onion coarsely and keep aside
make paste of tomato and keep aside
chop spinach leaves,boil in water for few mins
strain , make smooth paste and keep aside.
In a non stick wok add one tbsp of oil
lower the flame and add ginger garlic and green chili paste
keep stirring add onion paste ,chopped onionand stir further for few minutes
now add tomato paste,salt ,turmeric power and coriander powder
followed by dried red chili,bay leaves,cumin seed,coriander seed,
clove,black pepper,black cardamom,cinnamon and kabab chini.
keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides,
now add spinach paste ,mix everything together
and let it simmer for few minutes.
remove from flame and keep aside.
In another non stick heat half tsp of ghee/oil
once hot lower the flame and add crushed green cardamom
followed by chicken pieces
fry for few minutes till slightly brown from both sides.
mix the fried chicken pieces with the spinach mixture
and pressure cook for one to two whistle.
serve warm with rice or chapati.
thats all friends ,yesterday we decked up the christmas tree
Advay asked me where are the presents,i told him there is still time for that,..:-),dont forget to join the Christmas event friends,take care ,see you all soon,..;-)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its time to Jingle again - Christmas Event 2010

I know this is the best time to have some hot chocolate

to bake some christmas cookies

to deck up home for christmas

and to prepare homemade goodies

Friends join me in the celebration of Christmas this year with this festive event  Its time to Jingle again 2010.Year 2009 you guys had joined me so i thought why to miss this year.
All you have to do is to bake christmas cake,cookies and other baked goodies.Do send me pic of christmas decoration and other memories related to christmas which you want to share.You guys can share Handmade christmas gifts too
event rule
event starts from today to 4th Jan 2011.
just mail me the link of the jingle post with the pic at
Non bloggers can mail me the recipe and the picture on the above email id.
round up will be published after 5th Jan 2011.
to start the event this is my first entry
sharing with you all sugar cookies which i baked
this is my second attempt,i didnt do any icing this time.
Recipe name Glove shaped sugar cookies
Recipe source Joy of Baking
first attempt blogged here
baking temperature 100 degree centigrade
baking time 2 to 5 mins.
linking the glove shaped sugar cookies to
Bookmarked recipe every tuesday event Vol. 18

Thats all friends,will be waiting for your jingle post.
Happy Blogging ,see you all soon.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Where is the food from ?

Pia was quiet tensed ,for the first time in her life she was going to prepare parathas for dinner,
last nights verbal spat was still fresh in her mind, she had served half done fried okra, saltless dal to her hubby with chapati which was hard like papad. Just because she was fasting that evening she didn’t had any clue how bad the meal was, but if her hubby threw everything and ordered pizza it must have been unpalatable.
Pia got married as soon as she finished her  studies so she never got time to learn cooking skills from her mom. Now while kneading dough she could hear her fathers words in her mind which had become quiet frequent whenever she was home for hoilidays “Please teach her to cook or she will just mess up things after getting married ." This was the third time she was kneading the dough but again the dough was sticky. Pia was so much engulfed in her own thoughts that she didnt hear the phone ringing .Wiping her hands in her apron she rushed to picked it up.
She heaved sigh of relief when she heard her mother’s voice on the other end. Pia started crying she just couldnt control her emotions , with hubby around she had not got time to talk to her mother and cry out.
Pias mother knew something was wrong or she wouldnt have cried like this,
Phone conversation
Pias mother :“What happened Beta why are you crying?”
Pia :“Nothing Mamma just missing you all”
Pias mother : “ya i know even i am missing you, what are you doing ?”
Pia : “i am kneading dough but it has become all watery and its sticking all over ,i am feeling so useless that i cant prepare proper day to day meal ,i guess i will have to again prepare rice and dal. I am so bored of serving him the same thing again and again. I am scared what if he tells me please stop cooking for him."
Pias mother :“ do one thing beta come on skype i will help you ."
Pia :“thanks Mamma.”
Pia places her laptop in her kitchen ,focuses her camera to the countertop, collects all the ingredients needed to knead the dough ie wheat flour,water and mixing bowl and logs in to skype
Pias mother : “ beta strain the atta through the sieve and add water slowly and mix.”
Pia does the same as her mother tells her ,she mixes,remixes more flour and water to get firm consistency dough,

Elated Pia thanks her mom.Next her mother asks her to collect the utensils for rolling out the parathas,rolling pin,flour to dust ,oil and casserole lined with foil to keep the parathas warm.
Pias mom : divide the dough into equal parts,roll each part into ball.
Pia is slowly doing the same when the phone rings
Pias hubby :“ I am going to restaurant what u want to eat,i will get for you.”
Pia : “no i am preparing , please dont get food
Pias hubby –“ it must be Dal and Chawal again ,i am sick of eating the same meal twice everyday ,u tried your hands with veggie and chapati but i dont want to eat the same tasteless meal again.This time when we go India i will leave you there for some months, please learn cooking from cooking school and come back.
Pia starts crying and tells her hubby not to get food for her and slams the phone down.
Pias mother was watching everything from skype,she was shocked to see her daughter crying ,but in her heart she knew that her daughter will overcome this.
Wiping her tears Pia comes back to the screen, determined to learn from her mother and impress her hubby.Phone rings again but Pia doesn’t answer..
Pia :“Mamma what next”
Pias mother tells her to roll out each ball and then draws on paper to show her how to fold the paratha
Pias does the same and feels so happy when she gets the triangle shape,her mother tells her to re do the same and apply few drops of oil in semicircle shape and then fold to triangle shape.

.Pias mother could see that Pia was enjoying doing the parathas. Once done for the second time she asks her to put the tava on the stovetop. While flipping the paratha Pia burns her fingers, but she continued doing , determined to learn and show her husband that she can prepare a simple meal.Once done she carefully packs the parathas ,and asks her mother how to prepare simple sabzi of Alloo Gobhis,once done she sets the table,and goes for walk.In her excitement she forgets her cell phone.
Evening when her hubby comes and finds the house emptyhe thinks Pia is gone forever,maybe he was too hard on her ,he should have thought that she is also human being who has emotion. With no mood to eat ,he goes straight to him room.
Pia enters through the main door ,bubbly full of life with flowers in her hand :“oh you are back,you should have buzzed me”
Pias hubby : “where were you, I called you up so many i thought you left me forever”
Pia smiles : " For that i need ticket right?"
Pia hubby : "so you really want to leave me now, i am really sorry , i shouldnt have spoken to you like this.”
Pia :“no ya,i just went to get some fresh flowers ,i am feeling so good today.”
Pias hubby : " good after all what i told u”
Pia : "ya it did me good,anyways lets have dinner”
Pia confidently serves her hubby paratha with sabzi and serves the platter with ginger tea

Pias hubby : "Where did you order this food from ? It tastes like home cooked meal.Now we will order everyday from here you dont worry,I know some basics i will teach you."
To which Pia replied with a smile,"O really , glad to know you liked it since it is from my kitchen prepared by me."
Linking this food fiction to Event Of Chalks and Chopsticks 6th edition hosted this month by Jaya of Spice and Curry and started by Aqua of Served with Love .
special thanks to Pallavi my sis for suggesting the title for this .
see u all soon friends,happy blogging.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pan fried Pomfret in Coconut Sauce

I an thankful for my three and a half year old son who makes me smile everyday
and for my loving hubby with whom i am enjoying this journey called life
there are other zillion things God for which i am thankful,
so thanks God for eveything and for making life so beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving friends,sharing with you all simple recipe of Pan Fried Pomfret,when it comes to cooking fish i get bit scared  because many times i have spoiled fish by preparing something which really doesnt tastes good but thanks God yesterday nothing went wrong and the fish was yum , another reason to Thank God,.:-)

Recipe Name - Pan fried Pomfret in coconut sauce
Recipe Source - Kitchen Experiment
Preparation time half an hour
Cooking time twenty mins
Pomfret one
salt as per taste
lemon juice one tsp
garam masala powder one and a half tsp
coconut cream half cup
ginge garlic green chili paste one tbsp
paste of one onion
oil one tbsp
rub salt and lemon juice on the pompfret
followed by onion and ginger,garlic and green chili paste
keep for 30 mins
heat oil in non stick pan
once hot lower the flame
place the marinated fish ,spinkle garam masala on both sides
keep turning the sides and slowly add coconut cream
cook till its done.
serve warm with onion tomato rings,lime wedges and geen chili.
Thats all folks,enjoy the day ,see u all soon till then happy blogging.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Platter from Lakshmis Kitchen - Akki Roti with Onion Tomato Gojju

First attempt with rice flour - disaster  reason being i got glutinous one ;-(
Second attempt wth rice flour -Rice flour dumplings stuffed with spiced  chickpea paste ( Fara )
Third attempt today thanks to Lakshmis of  Taste of Mysore i enjoyed perfect platter of Akki Roti with Onion Tomato Gojju.I was bit scared before trying the akki roti,but thanks to the detailed recipe by Lakshmi i didnt had any problem.I followed both the recipes without any change.
Recipe source Taste of Mysore
Recipe of Onion Tomato Gojju
Recipe of Akki Roti

linking this post to Bookmarked Recipes Volume 17th hosted by Priya of Mharo Rajasthan,
to complete my thali event hosted by Torview theme this month being Indian Flatbread event started by Joy of Cooking.

Thats all guys ,see you all soon,..happy week ahead,..:-) and happy blogging.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Perfect for winters - coconut based spicy egg curry

My fingers feel numb when i type,i just dont want to sit with the laptop,i have lost the zeal i guess ,but then i have to do this ,to get myself back to the normal routine,past few weeks i have been travelling like anything to be precise every third day i was in different city so u guys can understand, what i had planned i didnt do but still i had a blast,Advay had a nice time with his cousins

missing everyone back home...and the home cooked food,..and my sisters guys missing you all lotz take care hope to meet u all soon,.
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all south indian egg curry,

since the day i have come i have just cooked the day to day  meal ie dal chawal,wadi pulao,rajma chawal,etc, today i had to prepare something with egg ,i wanted to try something new,so while browsing when i saw the recipe here,i had to try this,i dont know how authentic this recipe is,curry was bit hot,and tasted great with chapati.
thats all guys , take care and happy blogging.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Indian Sweet Dishes - Mithais for Deepawali

Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Diwali

I will be on break for few weeks as i am going India for the festival.Advay is very excited to meet his cousions,
so firiends sharing with you all some  sweet dishes/mithai recipes which can be prepared for Diwali festival.
   Rabdi (sweet dish )
  Posta Ka Halwa ( sweet dish )
 Cranberry sandesh ( mithai )
 kesariya sandesh (mithai )
 badami sandesh ( mithai )
 khurchan ( sweet dish )
 ghar wali kheer ( sweet dish )
gulabi sandesh ( mithai )
vodka bites (mithai)
lotus seed pudding (kheer )
gajar halwa (sweet dish )
cranberry rasmalai ( mithai )
lauki kheer ( sweet dish )
malai ladoo (ladoo)
gulabi phirni ( rose flavoured rice pudding )
jalebi with rabdi (sweet dish )
aate ke ladoo (ladoo)
Aam sandesh (mithai )
Thats all frens,happy Festival,..
wiil catch up with you guys once i am back,..till then happy blogging,..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

talk with friends and family but not while cooking,.;-)

Have you guys ever tried cooking while talking on phone
if not tried in the midst of cooking ever answered a call
or in other words cooked and talked at the same time
i did yesterday and this is what happened
forgot to add lentil to the Khichdi and the result u guys can imagine
had to reopen the pressure cooker to add the lentils and by then rice was done
so the rice was overdone just because i had to cook the lentils.
but then i had to add lentils because i was preparing khichdi
( hope hubby is not reading this , i was too embarrased to tell him )
so yesterdays lesson - never to talk on phone while cooking and if the call is important just turn off the flame and speak ,or i wont know what i am cooking and what i have added or not added while talking .
Coming back to todays post this one is simple meal,doesnt require much cooking,prepared this with leftover rice for tomorrows lunch,this one is bit spicy but i liked it ,we call this onion fried rice,reminds me of childhood.
Recipe Name Egg and Onion Fried Rice
Leftover rice one cup
onion one chopped
green chili one chopped
cumin seeds half tsp
salt as per taste
egg one
oil one tsp
garam masala powder half tsp
Heat oil in wok,once once oil is hot lower the flame
add cumin seeds and once it starts spluttering
add chopped onion and green chili
increase the flame ,onions should turn brown

lower the flame again and add rice,salt and garam masala
mix and remove from flame.
In non stick pan add few drops of oil and prepare fried egg
mix fried egg with the onion rice.

Serve warm,this dish doesnt need any side dish,i liked the taste of crispy onions with green chili.

thats all friends,wish you all happy weekend,
for glimpse of my kitchen please click here
cee u all soon,tk care and happy blogging.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thali with some traditional recipes and some new one :-)

Yesterday morning when i got hurt by dresser drawer and broke a mug i had this thought in mind how the whole day gonna be,had lotz to do,some shopping,lotz of cooking and in between running after Advay,but i guess god heard my prayers, Advay slept after his lunch so i had ample time to do the cooking .
It took me five hours to prepare the spread ,the first thing i did in the morning was to plan Menu.

Must prepare items were Fara,Thekua, Sooji Halwa and Poori and i was going to prepare Fara,Thekua and Sooji Halwa for the first time,

so u guys can imagine my condition,i had recipe,thanks to my mother and mil but both  the recipes need different technique.I just closed my eyes ,took a deep breath and went ahead with the preparation.
The below pic has Dahi wada,Sooji Halwa and Coconut Barfi which hubby prepared for my Sargi.

For the karwa chauth thali i preparedpoori, paneer kofta,pudina chutney ,dahi wada by six pm i was dead tired.

After winding up cooking i started with the preparation for Karwa Chauth Pooja.

Chowk is prepared to place the Karwas.

In the earthen karwa water and batasha is kept
In the steel karwa poori,thekua,halwa and beaten rice is kept
seven sticks are kept in each karwa.
On a betel leaf Gaur and Ganesha are kept
On another betel leaf sun and moon shape is kept prepared from rice dough

After reading Karwa Chauth story ,

water is offered  to moon and fast is broken.
Recipes link
Fara recipe blogged here and here
Thekua recipe blogged here
Dahi wada recipe blogged here
Pudina chutney recipe blogged here
For Sooji Halwa/Semolina Halwa
Ingredient needed
Sooji one cup
sugar as per tase
ghee three tbsp
saffron strands a pinch
Heat ghee in non stick wok
lower the flame and roast the rava
once it starts changing colour
add water and keep stirring
add sugar and saffron strands
 and keep stirring
till water is absorbed .
remove from flame and
serve warm.
Mehendi which i applied for Karwa Chauth can be viewed here
Event Entry
Fara and Thekua are off for CFK - Festive Foods 
Festive Karwachauth thali is off for Only Festive Event,
 started by Pari and hosted this month by Khaugiri
Thats all friends,cee u all soon
happy blogging.