Monday, April 19, 2010

Its Cupcake Time,..

I had to try cupcakes today
,when i saw the recipe here,i followed the same recipe without any change
for icing
recipe source my cake book
two egg white
two drops of glycerine
lemon juice
350gm sugar
for decoration
food colour raspberry red,green and yellow
edible coloured bead
silver balls
coloured vermicelli
fudge frosting
chocolate vermicelli
beat the egg white till stiff
add sugar,glycerine and lemon juice and beat further for a minute
tint the icing with different colours and keep aside
to decorate 
spread the icing on the cupcakes
top with decoration of choice.
These cupcakes are off for Bake off Event. 
Enjoy the platter frens,..cee u all soon,,btw its raining here finally,,,:-)