Thursday, April 03, 2008

quick fix meal cherry tomato and onion salad

after a long time had early morning ,by early moring i mean i got up at 8,...made coffee,switched on the radio,took my unfinished tshirt and started painting,sipping coffee and enjoying music,..i feel the nice way to start ur day is by doing something which u really like u kinda feel more energetic as my son was sleeping i was quiet relaxed,..and ya was gng through the daily ritual of reading newspaper...after reading hindustantimes,,
i moved to times of india,,and the headlines was "india short of 6 lac docs and two lacs medicos.." this really brightened my day...specially when we are planning to move back to india for good....ya now tshirt is is over and have switched off the radio ,,as now my son is awake,..:-) so the cartoon chanel is on...
.and me thinking to beat the heat , its really hot since past two days, preapare salad for brunch...specially after yesterdays fiery hot punjabi chicken curry and saatu parantha..feel like having some thing lite, cool down the heat


i am sending this recipe for "FUN AND SUN EVENT" HOSTED BY SIMPLE INDIAN FOOD...

so heres the recipe

cherry tomato
potato half boiled ,peeled and cubed
onion cut into cubes one
cucumber cut into cubes half
fresh whole red chilies slit into half 3
salt to taste
roasted sesame seeds
salad leaves few


soak red chilies in vinegar for 1 hour
add salt and sugar to the vinegar
toss all the veggies
serve on bed of lettuce
garnish with roasted sesame seeds


enjoy chilled to enhance the taste and beat heat


Punjab ki rasoi se punjabi chicken curry satto ke paranthe ke sath

this recipe is my entry for rci event hosted by lakshmi
the theme for this month is punjabi
and i have cooked "PUNJABI CHICKEN CURRY"
i have followed the recipe from the book "NITA MEHTA'S 101 MICROWAVE RECIPES"


ingredients for two people


300gm chicken
ginger garlic paste 2tsp
salt to taste
curd 2tbsp
red chili powder 1/2tsp

for the paste


one onion
one and half tomato
3 big cardamom
4 small cardamom
6 cloves
2tsp coriander powder
salt 1/2 tsp
red chili powder 1/2tsp
garam masala 1/2tsp
oil 1tbsp


marinate chicken with curd,ginger garlic paste,salt and red chili,keep aside for half an hour

mix the paste mixture in a blender and keep aside

microwave the paste for 11 minutes in open bowl

now mix the marinated chicken with the paste and microwave for 8 minutes in closed bowlPhotobucket

now add one cup of water to the chicken and paste and microwave further for 8 minutes
after this transfer the chicken and the gravy in a non stick wok

and cook for further two minutes
before serving sprinkle garam masala

we had with satoo parata..enjoy with roti or parantha