Saturday, February 06, 2016

the ptm which i already knew - open letter 19

Dear Advay,
I know its been quiet long since I wrote to you,,
this is about parents teacher meeting you were quiet calm & composed ad if we were going for a birthday party ,,& when we reached I was surprised to read in your folder yu want to become a cricket player and you told you simply wrote that maybe you still don't know & its oky I leave it to you son otherthing your class teacher very calmly told me that you read books while she is giving instructions this was the reason I was not ready to send story books in school because I knew you would be reading in school,,,otherthin that you are not organised with your work you keep forgetting or don't plan maybe you dream son ,,this is again something which I knew,,
So we agreed mutually that no more books in school
You will be doing your work on your own which always I keep telling you but you feel it something
So yes this is what this letter is about
Will catch You soon with other things