Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Join me in the celebration with MEC - Kids Party Food

 24th April 2008 i celebrated with Dahi Wada and Posta Halwa
 24th April 2009 i was on with Cranberry muffins
 this  April  2010 i thought of involving you all too for the jubilation
 friends i invite you all to join me in the food event Microwave Easy Cooking - Kids Party Food  
 Whole April i will be busy planning for Advays birthday so thats why the theme is Kids Party Food and ya  
 Special thanks to Srivalli for giving me the opportunity to host this month edition 
To join me in this event heres what you have to do
Cook any delicacy which suits the theme Kids Party Food in Microwave  and post in you blog  from now till 30th of April 2010.
Recipe category can be anything starter,cake,drink,cookies whatever suits the theme.
Both veg and non veg recipes are included
Only Microwave cooked recipes will be excepted ,food processor can be used for grinding
Please link your post to this post and to Srivallis Announcement post
Older entries are expected but they have to be reposted and linked to this post and to Srivallis post
Multiple entries are welcome
Dont worry if you dont have a blog,just mail me the recipe with click and i will include in the roundup
Please mail me at with the following info
Subject -MEC Kids Party Food
link of the post
picture of the dish
Last date to send in your entries is 30th of April 2010
thats all friends cee you all soon,..;-) hppy blogging,..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Street food of my hometown,..;-)

I am back friends from my trip back home ,i feel so refresh ya the trip did work like therapy for me , i ate like anything since the past three days,i guess we need a trip like every year to refresh and unwind ourselves from the daily chores of the day to day life.
Sharing with you all Street Food of my hometown,
forced by my cravings i have already these recipes at home
Jalebi blogged twice
Pics of  Triveni Sangam
Akshay Vat or the immortal banyan tree is located in the patalpuri temple in Allahabad fort
enjoy the pics frens,will catch up with u all soon,..;-)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Navami Thali and ya i am happy ,..:-)

Its goona be like good old days back again ,we three sisters  will be leaving for our home town today after quiet a long time,i guess longest for me ,i will be going after some three and a half yrs,its gonna be first trip of Advay to our hometown,he is preety excited,specially about the train journey ,i am really looking forward to lotz of street food and delicious home food and so many other things,..ya of course food always tops the list,..:-) Talking of food sharing with you all Navmi Thali which we had yesterday for lunch
Thali has Chana dal poori,pumpkin subji,bakheer,curd and mint mango chutney
Recipe link
Bakheer pudding made with rice and jaggery
chana dal poori recipe of chana dal parantha is blogged procedure is the same except for frying
aam pudina chutney one version blogged here
for my moms recipe of chutney
blend mint ,green mango,ginger,asafoetida,cumin seeds,green chili salt and sugar .
kaddu /pumpkin sabzi
recipe source my mom
preparation time 10 mins
cooking time 15 to 20 mins
ingredient needed
pumpkin chopped 200gm
garlic cloves three
asafoetida pinch 
fenugreek seeds half tsp
dried red chili two
salt as per taste
oil to cook
turmeric powder 
heat oil in non stick wok
once hot lower the flame and add dried red chili,fenugreek seeds and asafoetida
once they start spluttering add garlic cloves and pumpkin
followed by salt and turmeric powder
keep stirring till everthing is mixed together
cover and cook for few minutes
check for tenderness and serve hot.
event entry
Chana dal poori are off for MLLA 21 hosted this month by Superchef ofMirch Masala and started by Susan of the well seasoned cook
yesterday tried Donuts of MOD ie Mad Over Donuts at select city walk , i had one with blueberry topping while neha opted for one with nuts with chocolates, sharing with you all pic to drool over ;-)
take care frens will catch up with you all soon,. hppy blogging,..

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ramnavmi ki shubhkamnaye navratri thali ke sath

Today being Chaitra Ashtami i gonna share Vrat Thali which we had for brunch and dinner today,
The first thali has buckwheat flour poori,potato bhaji ,curd and banana milkshake
The second platter has samak rice,buckwheat flour poori,bottlegourd pudding,curd and potato tomato curry.
Link for the recipes
kuttu flour pooribuckwheat flour (omitted addition of singhara flour)
fried potato/phalhar aloo
bottle gourd pudding /lauki kheer
for samak rice prepare it the same way normal rice is prepared
banana milkshake just blend chopped banana with sugar and milk
potato tomato curry
boiled potato one
tomato two
green chili one
rock salt/sendha namak as per taste 
ghee one tsp
heat one tsp of ghee in non stick wok
fry chopped green chili
add tomatoes  and salt and keep frying till they turn soft
once done boiled potato fry for a minute or two
add required amount of water and let it simmer
serve hot with poori or rice.
Vrat recipes from blogosphere
from navratri recipes few more
and ya guys i am back from Singapore sharing with you all few pics
wish you all happy Chaitra Navratri enjoy the feast cee u all soon,..;-)till thn happy blogging,.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Round up of Lets Celebrate with Colours

It was real fun to host colourful and festive event Lets Celebrate with colours

thanks a ton friends for sending such awesome entries for the event,i truly enjoyed hosting the event and ya this wouldnt have been possible without the dash of colours which you all have send to make the event colourful,:-) enjoy the roundup which has some spicy chaat,sweet dishes,refreshing drinks,snacks and some curries perfect for rice and chapati
to start the round up
First entry is of Sheetal my friend from singapore she is on with two yummy chaat entries Misal 
which is street food of maharashtra and Dahi Puri  another famous street food known by different names
Asha of Foodie hope has sent spicy samosa chole chaat which is one of my favourite
Lets have some sweet dish in between theres Makhana kheer to indulge from PJs kitchen
To munch on theres perfect looking peanut chikki from ramyas space  ,
yummy looking kobbari laddoo and refreshing badam kheer
Cham of spice club has joined in with two festive delicacies Samosa and Rasmalai 
from shamas space there hearty gulab jamuns for the event
Smita of little food junction has joined in with colourful  creative entries
Jyoti of panch pakwan has joined in with delicious looking malpuas
theres Samosas to pick  from Nishas kitchen thy look so yum
Priya of mharo rajasthan has joined in with two yummy recipes of malpua ,kathal ki sabzi and dahi vada
Srividhya of vidhus kitchen has sent refreshing guava sorbet perfect for the season
theres something spicy to try from ruchikacook blog bhagare baingan
Sweatha of Curry leaf has sent baked shakkar paras and refreshing drink thandai 
Usha of spicy kitchen has joined in with colourful platter of paneer tikka kabab
 Shabitha of my home kitchen has joined in with delicious looking chicken red curry
Thats all frens,..thanks a ton again for sending such yummy entries for the evnt and making it colourful,...:-)
enjoy the colourful treats cee u all soon,..:-)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post from singapore with Navratri thali

Hello frens,hope you all are doing great,wish all the readers of Asankhana Happy Ugadi ,Gudi padwa and Chaitra Navratri ,i have been very busy this whole month thats why no post and no bloghopping,..:-)
sharing with u all Navratri thali pic which my sis neha prepared at home back in delhi ,i was quiet surprised when i saw this pic in my mailbox,ya it did left a smile on my face,thali has Singhare ki poori, phalhar allo ki sabji,fried makhanas and peanuts,curd and makhana kheer,
event submission
this platter is off for Jihva breakfast event hosted by veggieplatter and started by Indira of Mahanandi
enjoy the vrat thali frens,i am on with the round up of lets play with colours will be publishing it soon, cre enjoy the festivals and ya happy blogging,..:-)