Tuesday, January 27, 2015

dream on however silly dream is - letter for advay 7

Dear Advay ,
Yesterday when we left home for school you question was "mummy will it snow ?" I had seen the weather app before leaving home but I didn't want to upset you so I said "no I haven't seen ." Your next question was "Mummy but you see the app everyday ."Jittering with cold  I told you that I forgot to see.

When we reached school I could see tiny flakes white coloured falling down I was happy for you that finally you will get to see snow in Lyon .You were happy I could see that in your face ,you tried to catch one or two flakes and then slowly I ushered you inside the school gate ,

I want to share with you something in this letter Advay .I had imagined or you can say wanted to watch the snow flakes coming down while I sit somewhere in a cosy place enjoying the moment ,I  shared this dream of mine with your papa too and he just laughed you must be thinking why I am telling you this because I lived my dream the same day you were so  happy and excited.

.After dropping you in school I went with my friends with whom we have blogging session on Wednesday followed by coffee.On the way I could see snow everywhere on the tree, grass and on the roof. We decided to sit near a window

.Few minutes and I was seeing my dream .I could see snow flakes coming down .I thought about you and then got lost in the moment.
Ya this was my dream and my moment which I relished and ya I missed you. So I just want to tell you never stop dreaming as dreams do come true however silly they are .That Wednesday both of us
Saw our dream coming true and ya I was happy for you.
 That's all for now
With lots of love
 your dreamy mummy
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Wish you all great day ahead
Keep on dreaming and Blogging..