Thursday, August 27, 2009

Its festival time again,,...

Once the 8th month of the year starts ,its festival time in India,theres celebration all over in the country,i guess this is something which binds all the Indians together,the spirit of togetherness,after celebrating and fasting in the   holy month of Shravan,its  time to celebrate Rakshabandhan which marks the end of Sawan month,after Rakshabandhan its   time to celebrate Gokulashtami there was double celebration this year as independence day was just after Shri Krishna Janmashtami
,in my last yrs post of Janmashtami i had mentioned about rain,ya it did rain this year too,and my parents had got Krishna toys
depicting various stages of Lord Krishnas childhood,
so after a long long time we decorated Jhankis
and relived our childhood memories.23rd of august was Hartalika teej ,which is celebrated by women in honour of Goddess Parvati,if we celebrate Teej ,same day Swarna Gowri Vrata is celebrated by women in Karnataka.Ganesha festival is on and so is Ramadan.Come september and it will be time to celebrate Navratri and Eid Al Fitr .
If there is celebration all over India theres celebration of festivals in Blogosphere too
 Join Priti and Purva who are on with Ganesha Chaturthi and Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations
and Yasmeen and Lubna who are on with Ramadan Special Joy From Fasting to Feasting Season 2
the pics above are off for Purvas event Janmashtami Celebration
do check out festival dishes here
Enjoy the festivals fren ,cee u all soon tk cre,....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Round up of Shadi Ki Thali Food Event

 I wanted to do this special post about various functions of traditional UTTAR Pradesh Shadi ,but due to lack of time and my busy schedule i couldnt go ahead with the planned way,so i thought why not include in the round up .Many thanks FRIENDS for sending entries for the event Shadi Ki Thali and making it a great success.
To start with the round up
first entry is of
Easy Cafts who has sent typical menu of the Muhurtham Lunch of the Tamil Brahmin Community
which has Arachi Vitta Sambhar,Beans Paruppu Usli,Paruppu Vadai and so many other delicacies.
Rekha of Plaintain leaf has sent two yummy entries
Her first entry is Ariselu traditional sweet of Andhra Pradesh
Her second entry is Andhra Pelli Bhojanam  which has so many tempting delicacies ,pic itself is making me hungary Rekha
She has also shared recipe of Muddapappu
Shama of Easy2cook recipes has sent Wedding Feast  prepared during Meenakshi Kalyanam in Madurai,
She has also sent beautiful Rangoli Pic
wedding feast includes Rice,Sambhar,Rasam,Payasam,Vadai,Panirayam,Curd,Appalam and Pickle.
Purva of Purvas Dawat has joined in the celebration with gujarati Patra alu wadi prepared during Gujarati Wedding.

Thanks a ton friends for sending such yummy delicacies,..:-)
I Started the celebration on a sweet note with lotus seed pudding and invitation card
inviting u all :-) which was followed by
Traditional Shadi sweets prepared during marraige ceremony
Mehndi Pics
Breakfast Platter of Alo bari sabji with Kachodi
and finally brief summary of the different ceremonies performed in north indian wedding i guess some of the ceremonies must be common with all religion only diference being in the name
First ceremony to start with is Tilak Ceremony which is hosted by Grooms family ,brides family are the guest,Tilak is performed by brides brother .
Second ceremony is Mehndi Ceremony at brides place,in earlier days it was just application of heena to the bride ,but now with time trends have changed Mehndi is celebrated like a mini get together where friends and relatives are invited for dinner at brides place to join the celebration.
Third Day ie Shadi day morning starts with Haldi ceremony during which turmeric paste is applied to Bride by her family and friends.There are other small rituals in between and by the time they are over its time to receive the Baratis.
Once the baratis reach brides place,
Groom is given special welcome by brides father and brother at a special mandap prepared specially for this purpose.Function is known as Dwarchar. 
Dwarchar is followed by exchange of garland ceremony known as Jayamala.
After exchange of garland ceremony most sacred ritual starts known as Kanyadan  
Which is followed by Sindoordan and Vidai.
VIDAI means official departure of the bride from her parents house.Thus Marraige Celebrations end on a sad note for the brides family.
I guess this completes the roundup friends,thanks a ton again for sending such yummy entries,today is Shri Krishna Ashthami,wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Janmashthami.Cee u guys soon,...hope u all r  doing good,.....