Tuesday, September 26, 2017

weekend story - idli sambhar

I don't have many memories about idli being cooked at home dosa yes many times I tried doing the batter at home but now due to the availability of various brands of batter I get the batter and go ahead with the preparation . Last week my friend had passed me homemade dosa batter and I cooked idli for dinner , weekends things become easy when you are passed something like this I paired idli with sambhar cooked with homemade sambhar powder passed by another friend.
on a weekend the aroma of homecooked meal and the taste of other kitchen fragrance of home I could feel it as the family indulged in this simple comforting meal .this post is about the warmth pulled from one kitchen to another .mothers love packed in the pudi powder which I drizzeled on the idli the ghee from india what else you need on a weekend .

Friday, September 22, 2017

phalahari aloo for navratri

Its festival time again and this year has been roller coaster ride for me I can see the days flying and year 2018 will soon be around. As I write I know too many things are knocking on my mind but this post is not about those things its about festival time to reminisce about days gone and celebrate with family. Today is second day of navratri and I am missing the fun and gaiety here.
When did life become so busy as I write this I know what all I have to do today but this post I don't want to crib I want to bring the colours of India here fragrance of food cooked at home from a country where food festival means food.
Yesterday for fasting had cooked phalahari alloo which I had with curd and chai
Recipe blogged here
A simple meal which connected me to home .