Monday, March 07, 2016

mahashivratri - phalahari alloo aur chai

Daily the same end
But these festivals
Bring a pause to
Our monotonous life
And with today being mahashivratri
Had to write about it in my diary ...

So todays special was my favourite vrat wale alloo paired with ginger chai and curd
This post is about curd though here we get all kind of yogurt
I prefer to do it at home somehow then only I feel satiated
Milk one litre
Starter curd one tbsp.
Boil milk nicely till its thick and creamy
Once done remove from flame and let it cool
Add one tbsp. Of starter and mix nicely
warm microwave for two minute
Keep the vessel in it to set for overnight
By morning homemade yogurt is ready ...
have posted poetry on mahashivratri in my other blog
Wish you all happy festivals..