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What do you do in life ? this question was asked to me by my classmate in painting class in Lyon and for a minute I was speechless because I don't go and tell everyone whoever I meet that I write a blog about food and I love doing this because I know everyone can't understand me or my passion for food writing still I wanted to tell her that I do something in life I am not a homemaker who is just learning painting to kill time so I told her I write blog and the next question was about what for which I replied food there was squeal from her and she said that she loves Indian food and then she asked me my blog address which I promised to mail her then I told her I love to read book, paint, write poem and stories ,doodle and that right now I am ,learning painting and French. and her reply was wow you are doing so many things together and my reply was ya I am living up my life.
 So that's me friends welcome to my world Asan Khana where I share food stories entwined with memories .I am not professional cook when I started cooking I didn't knew anything with some help from my hubby ,Skype lesson from my mother started my experiments in kitchen and ya thanks to them and the beautiful food blogs for sharing exquisite recipes from all over the world I can cook a decent meal and cook for crowd too..Have also shared some stories of Advay too which are memorable for me.
.It been six years since I have been writing and I am loving it ,This space is also for my thoughts for things which deeply affect me or move me have written some poems and short stories too and ya there are some letters for Advay my son which I have recently started .
When I am not cooking ,thinking about food or running after my son I write the other blog which is about books my other love and paintings so you can find me there too the blog name is Notyet100hub.
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My twitter handle is notyet100
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I am open for your feedback and criticism and you are free to write me at stillnotyet100@gmail.com
Welcome to Asan Khan grab a cup of coffee sit back and enjoy