Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Love to shop for Kitchen Gadgets then hop on to Cuponation

I am someone who loves to cook and is continuously on lookout for kitchen gadgets and utensils which make my life easy so when I saw the website Cuponation which provides thousands of working free discounts coupons and deals I was elated as they have coupons of all my favorite brands,ya I do love online shopping specially from sites like Flipkart which has awesome cook book collection from my favorite authors,some of which i will be adding soon in my cookbook collection ,
talking of kitchen gadgets Roti maker 
is on my wish list which can be easily bought by Cuponation as they provide free discount coupons.
Next on my wish list is this awesome Red and Black striped kitchen linen set from online shop Pepperfry which is again supported by Cuponation .
most of you must be knowing my love for home cooked biryani ,and when I saw this Handi
 on Pepperfry I knew that this gonna be in my kitchen one day,perfect to cook handi biryani or curry.
that's all friends,
take care and happy blogging and shopping 

hooked on Kababs - Chicken Shami Kabab with Spinach leaves

Last year when i learnt the art of making kababs and storing them in freezer so that they can be just taken out,defrosted ,reheated

and paired with paratha ,dal chawal or simply eaten as appetizer I didn't had any notion  that i would be so hooked to them that I  would be preparing this delicacy almost every month and ya guys that's what I have been doing so last month I prepared the same Chicken Shami Kabab

and while I was preparing the mince I saw the spinach leaves fresh from the market  in the kitchen ,so I took some chopped  spinach leaves and added in the mince while shaping out the patties ,

and paired the kababs with onion rings,lemon wedges coriander chutney and mint chutney ,try it guys ,you gonna be hooked too,...:-)
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Special thanks to Deeba of Passionate about baking ,Sangeeta of Banaras ka khana and
 For the love of yum for the detailed post on Kababs and for teaching me the art of making kababs ,.i owe it to you guys,,:-)
Thats all friends,wish you all happy week ahead
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