Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Dal Chawal is some thing which i used to eat almost everyday during my school days along with veggie prepared,curd,pickle,salad,..then after my school,..in college days...for five yrs,.there was no ghar ka khana,..only during my vacations when i had to go home i could eat home cooked food but in those 15days the demand on my wishlist was chat,kachodi,halwa and other delicacies which i really liked,..so my mother used to prepare two type of curries ,for father lauki,tindora,saag and for me paneer,gobhi,mushroom,..i still remember,..i never used to look at dal chawal,,sometimes i feel how stubborn i was,..nd so immature,,,nyways thnks god i hve changed and hve started eating everything,..
Back here in Singapore,felt like eating dal chawal,...after a long long time,..i prepare dal but always with chapati,..but that day i don knw why there was craving for dal chawal with some spicy sabji,..finally decided to prepare chana dal tadka wala,plain rice,adraki gobhi and kanda koshimbir
long time back for SWC UP had prepared ADRAKI MURGH...so when i saw the recipe of adraki gobhi i thought of givin it a try,..looked spicy too,.perfect for dal chawal
ingredients for adraki gobhi
cauliflower chopped and boiled 500gm
potato one boiled and chopped
onion one chopped
green chilli chopped one
garlic pulp one tsp
cumin seeds one tsp
oil to cook
salt to taste
half tsp each of coriander,turmeric and ginger powder
4cm of ginger make pulp of half
and of the other half chop into small pieces
one tsp lemon juice
heat halftsp oil in wok
add cumin seeds once they start spluttering
add chopped onions and garlic paste
keep stirring
now add ginger pulp an green chilli
mix well,..once evrything blends well
add coriander,turmeric and ginger powder
followed by salt and cauliflower
finally add potatoes,.mix well..if needed add water
cover and cook,keep checking
once done add lemon juice and chopped ginger strips..
serve hot with rice.
Prepared kanda tomato koshimbir from here
which goes to swc maharashtra hosted by neha