Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pasta in Vodka Sauce

Whenever i run out of recipes idea all i have to do is bloghop,i have been following Pink Little Cake Blog from quiet a long time ,she mostly blogs about cake and cookies :-) but when i saw the recipe of

Pasta in Vodka Sauce i knew i had to try this
For the tomato sauce i followed the same recipe as given in her blog ,  ,kept some separate for advay and then added vodka,cream and mozarella cheese.
Paired pasta with garlic toast ,meal was yum.
for garlic butter mix butter with garlic and italian herbs .
spread on bread and toast till brown from both sides.
Variation - omitted the use of celery
                   have added capsicum
                   instead of parmesan i have used mozarella cheese
                  didnt use fresh basil leaves instead have used italian herb

Vodka in Pasta Sauce is my second entry for Nupurs Blog Bite event theme this month being Potluck Party.Thats all frens cee u all soon .