Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dinner meal of Chola Bhatura from Pamelas Space

While going through recipes on internet i saw this recipe of Bhatura on Pamelas Blog,i liked the recipe of Chana too at her space,so prepared the combo yesterday from her space,original recipe is of Anita Dhanda who runs a cookery class in American Embassy Delhi.Thanks a ton Pamela for sharing this recipe,both me and Neha enjoyed the meal and ya Advay luved the bhaturas too.
For the recipe click here

These days i enjoy eating soaked beaten rice with milk for breakfast,and that too without sugar,sometime i add gud or dried dryfruits like cranberry,hazelnut,almond,this simple breakfast of Chuda ya thats what we call beaten rice and milk gives me good start for the cold day ahead.Every year weather used to change after 15th of Makar Sankranti but this year its not the same weather has gone worse and i guess we gonna face more cold days ahead,...:-(thats all folks,tk cre cee u all soon,...:-)