Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fresh Veggie Pizza,...

These days when Advay gets bored playing his toys I have to distract him with something new so few days back when I was busy preparing Pizza I told him to play with his dolls, I had one small toy bottle so taught him to feed the dolls,

Thanks to INA market of Delhi I am never out of stock of the exotic veggies like zucchini, broccoli and fresh parsley name it and u have it, everything is available in this market..i feel so happy when I go there for veggie shopping, these exotic veggies are available in the near by malls but not as fresh as in INA,..INA market is paradise for foodies, …I guess i am drifting away ,...;-)
Coming back to Pizza recipe its very simple..
N Ingredient needed
N Chopped Onion
N Chopped tomato
N Fresh Parsley leaves
N Chopped Zucchini
N Sliced Baby corn
N Sliced Green, Red and Yellow capsicum
N Salt as per taste
N Pepper
N Mozzarella cheese
N Italian Herb
Procedure- Apply nutralite on the base, place the veggies on the base, followed by grated cheese and fresh parsley, sprinkle salt, pepper and Italian herb and place in preheated oven at 220 degree centigrade and bake for 10 to 15 minutes.
Metro work is going just opposite to our building and I guess by next year we will have the metro station ready , the below pic station can be seen,..i guess commuting gonna be very easy in few months,..:-) what a relief for us,...isnt it...
I am leaving for Singapore tomorrow for two weeks...bit tensed about travelling with Advay,..i hope u guys remember what happened last time:-) will be back soon with a post from Singapore,..till thn cee u guys,,,u all tk cre,.;-)

so for some two hrs Advay was busy playing this new game
while I baked Pizza,. .and this is how did,i had stock of fresh veggies in my fridge ,mozzarella cheese,and store brought pizza base