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Curried Goat Meat with Potatoes - Aloo Ghost

Last week i read this article by on Hindustan Times Brunch by Vir Sanghvi titled Whose Goat is it anyway ? In this article author has clearly stated that the meat cooked in  Indian restaurents is goat meat but the chef are reluctant to admit or to even write in the menu card just because they dont want to offend foreigners so instead of goat meat they write lamb meat  ,i have tried lamb meat but i never liked the taste so when i discovered that fresh goat meat is available in Singapore thanks to Teeka Market i was really elated,,,;-)since then i have really enjoyed cooking  curried goat meat in various ways then i read some months back that red meat is not good for health ,but after reading the above mentioned  article  my belief has changed ,article states that goat meat is sustainable meat from animals that thrive on pasture and a pound of goat meat has two third the calories of a pound of beef and goat has half the saturated fat of chicken.

Another article which i read today in Today Online states that eating curry once or twice a week could stave off Dementia .Article further states that Curcumin  chemical found in Turmeric helps in fighting Alzheimer Disease .Other health benefit of Turmeric is it aids digestion ,helps fight infection and guards against heart attack.Today while cooking this curry i accidentaly added turmeric powder as it was not needed ,that time i recalled the article which i had read in the morning,..;-)
Coming back to todays post sharing with you all

Recipe of Curried Goat Meat with Potatoes
Recipe source adapted from India Cookbook
Goat meat half kg
potato three peeled and cubed
onion three chopped
tomato two chopped
garlic clove crushed three
ginger half inch crushed
green chili one chopped
whole masala
cumin seed one tsp
bay leaves crushed three
cinnamon stick one crushed
six clove
green cardamom four crushed
black cardamom three crsuhed
mace i didnt add
powdered masala
one tsp coriander powder
one tsp cumin powder
one tsp red chili powder
one tsp garam masala powder
one tsp turmeric powder
salt as per taste
oil to cook

heat one tsp oil in non stick wok
lower the flame and add crushed bay leaves and cumin seed
let it splutter and add chopped potato
keep frying till the potatoes start turning brown
remove from flame with  slotted spoon and
drain on kitchen towel.
In the same add chopped onion and fry till they become mushy
add cinnamon,cardamon and clove ,followed by chopped ginger,garlic and green chili
after two mins add powdered masala and salt fry for two to three mintes
add goat meat  pieces and chopped tomatoes ,fry for two minutes
and let it simmer for five minutes
transfer the content to pressure cooker and pressure cook for 5 to 6 whistles
once done add the fried potatoes and pressure cook for one more whistle
add chopped coriander leaves and serve warm with rice and chapati

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