Thursday, March 19, 2015

cooked to relish meal of spinach pulao and aubergine fritters with raita

Day before Yesterday I spoke about cooking something different on Instagram this post is about that dish which I cooked for the dinner this is not something which I prepare daily something for which I went out of my comfort zone as I didn't feel like preparing chapathi thanks to my back pain so thought of cooking spinach pulao for dinner paired it with aubergine fritter and onion tomato raita ya loved this simple yet exotic meal a bit different from everyday meal .

Recipe Name - Spinach Pulao
Rice basmati two cups (soaked for 30 mins)
Spinach leaves 200gm
Garlic one chopped
Onion chopped one
Tomato one chopped
Salt as pet taste
Oil to cook
Half tsp of turmeric powder
One tsp of garam masala powder
Cashew three chopped
Almond two chopped
raisin seven to eight
Asafoetida a pinch
Cumin seeds one tap
bayleves crushed two
Boil water in a pan ,once the water is boiling
 add the soaked rice and cook it till its done
Drain and keep aside.
Heat oil in non stick pan
Add asafoetida ,cumin seeds and bay leaves and let it splutter
Add chopped garlic and onion and keep frying till they are brown
Add salt, turmeric powder ,garam masala and tomato
Keep stirring till oil is seen along the sides
Add chopped tomato and spinach leaves & cover and cook
After few minutes add half cup of water and let it simmer
Remove from flame and keep aside .
Once it cools down blend it with the help of blender
Keep aside .
In the same pan add half tsp of oil add chopped cashews
Almond and raisin fry for a minute or two ,
Drain and keep aside.
Add the drained rice and the puréed spinach mix
Fry for two minutes remove from flame and keep aside.
Serve warm garnished with fried nuts and raisins .
Aubergine Fritters
brinjal sliced one
Chickpea flour three tbsp.
Carom seeds one tap
Salt as per taste
Garam masala powder one tip
Rice flour one tbsp.
In a mixing bowl add chickpea flour
And all the above ingredient except brinjal
Add one fourth cup of water
make a nice batter add the sliced brinjal
Heat oil in non stick pan
Add the brinjal slices one at a time
Keep turning the sides till its brown from both sides
Drain and sprinkle chat masala that's how I love to eat
 serve warm with the spinach pulao and raita.

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