Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How you enlightened me about speed dating - open letter for Advay 15

Dear Advay,
Wanted to write this letter long back but couldn't because since past few days life has been very busy you know this .

Today thought of putting down in words what was in my mind since long. This letter is about the day when you enlightened me about speed dating in the bus .Conversation started like this I asked you about your study log submission and you said that it was not done the normal way but by speed dating . On hearing this I was shocked then to bring back my composure you told me that its not that speed dating its a different one I was more shocked because I never imagined that you would know the meaning of dating maybe your teacher told you while explaining you tried to explain me but still I couldn't understand then I asked your classmates mom if she knew and the she told that its a term given to a different kind of presentation .Then you told me that's wnt you were trying to explain me .This was different experience for me so wanted to trap it in my memories so can read  this sweet letter again & again thanks for enlightening me with the term Speed Dating.
Wish you lots of happiness