Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why i am not blogging,...its a long story read on,...

I know its been so long since I published anything, infact I haven't cooked anything since my training started thats the reason I am not able to cook,post or blog hop from past few days its been fortnight actually,i had promised in my last post that I will be back with more shadi delicacies but couldn't I am so sorry for that, everyday after coming back home from work I have so many other things to do that there is hardly any time left to post anything,though there are so many draft posts waiting to be published I don”t know when they will see sunshine :-)
My morning starts at 6am after doing daily chores,packing tiffin,i leave home by 7;15am,reach workplace by 9:00am and evening reach home by 6pm,so u guys can imagine my condition,once I am back Advay takes most of my time,by the time I make him sleep,i am sleepy too so this is my daily routine,so I get to spend just 4 hrs at home which includes getting groceries,teaching Advay ya these days he loves to read picture books and repeats whatever I say,sometimes I am didi for him,and other time Mummy or Mama and ya watching songs while eating or anything watchable not to forget talking to hubby on Skype.
My mother is around so its great help for me,when I am back from work I get to eat food cooked by her .Saturdays weekend class keeps me busy on Saturday so I am just left with one lone sunday and numerous things to do,This weekend Pallavi gonna visit us so again no post ya cooking and feasting will be there,..;-)Talking of cooking I am sharing some pics of yummy dishes which my younger sis Neha prepared when she was here during Shadi break,she prepared Paneer Makhn
i,Mutton rogan josh
 and Calcutta style egg rolls
,..she gave me break from cooking,in the month of June and since then I am on break,..;-(
I guess Shadi ki Thali roundup will be delayed for few days,i will try to publish the roundup in the next post,till then u guys take care,..cee you all soon,..happy blogging,..