Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Platter with Chili chicken with veg fried rice and spinach salad

Since the day i have seen Chili Paneer recipe on Edible Garden
It was on my mind,tempting me to prepare
and thus i tried but with chicken

and paired with simple fried rice and spinach salad.
For the fried rice
cooked rice one and a half cup
onion half chopped
green chili one
carrot half sliced
one fourth of purple cabbage chopped
oil one tsp
salt as per taste
pepper pinch
Heat oil in non stick wok
add green chili once it starts spluttering
lower the flame and add onions
once onions start turning brown
add carrot followed by cabbage
keep stirring add salt,pepper
afer three minutes add cooked rice
mix everything together and remove from flame
For Spinach and Cottage cheese salad
baby spinach leaves handful
cottage chesse half cup
salt as per taste
pepper pinch
onion half chopped
olive oil half tsp
peanuts one tsp
In a mixing bowl mix everything together
keep in fridge till serving

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Spinach and Cottage cheese salad to Only salad event hosted by Chef and her kitchen and started by Pari of Foodelicious.
Saturday was Sakat Chauth prepapred til gud ladoo for the first time,thanks to Shilpa and Lakshmi for the detailed recipe in their blog :-)

See you all soon friends ,take care and happy blogging,..and ya dont forget to check how my week was here,..:-)