Thursday, March 07, 2013

Indian Veg thali - Crsipy fried bhindi and Dal makhani

most of the time I prepare the regular sabzis the way its prepared at our home but then there are times when I see some new  and different recipe and feel like trying the same ,
this one is one of such recipe not prepared at our home

Recipe name crispy fried okra/bhindi jaipuri
300 gm Okra
three tbsp gramflour
half tsp each of turmeric,chili and amchur powder
salt as per taste
pinch of nigella
oil to cook
wash and dry the okra,cut the stalk
slice the okra at an angle into 3cm

In a mixing bowl mix all the ingredients listed above
add the chopped okra pieces and two tbsp water
make a thick and sticky paste
heat oil in a wok ,once hot lower the flame
fry the okra pieces till they are golden
remove and drain on kitchen paper
serve warm with the meal.

Paired the crispy fried bhindi with Dal Makhani and Chapati .
Dal Makhani recipe is blogged here
thats all friends wish you all happy week ahead
take care and happy blogging.