Thursday, February 25, 2010

Holi special sweet Ghujia from my moms kitchen

Today our kitchen is filled with aroma of Khoa and warm Ghujias
,sharing with you all pics of the holi special ghujia also known as Gujia
I have already published recipe and pictorial in my last two years post which can be viewed here and here
This Holi special sweet
is my entry for my own event Lets Celebrate with Colours
Tk cre frens ,wish u all happy holi,..:-)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holi festival delights Namkin and Mathri from my moms kitchen

Its almost holi time ,everyday there is some festive cooking going on in our kitchen,from past two days Mathris and Namkins is being fried , todays post gonna be Holi Special post ;-)
First recipe is of
Recipe name NAMKIN
Recipe source my mother
Preparation time 15mins
Cooking time 30 mins (depends on the quantity)
Recipe category snack
one kg all purpose flour
water to knead the dough
salt as per taste
asafoetida pinch
carom seeds two tbsp
Mix three to four tbsp of refined oil in the flour 
mix to the consistency that ball can be made of the dough by hand
add salt,asafoetida and carom seeds
slowly add water and knead smooth dough
keep aside.
with the help of rolling pin and pastry board roll out the dough 
pierce through the rolled out dough with help of fork
cut in one direction with help of knife
and then in opposite direction 
heat oil in wok
once oil is hot lower the flame 
and fry the nimkis till brown in colour
they can be shaped out in diferent shapes too with the help of cookie cutter .
Second recipe is of Mathri
for mathri dough diffrence is addition of chickpea flour and red chili powder while kneading the dough.
 rest all steps remain the same,..
Event entry
Srivalli is on with Kids delight event and the theme this month is Wholesome Snacks so the mathri and nimki are off for her event
Priya is on with Hearts for St.Valentines event heart shape nimkis are off for her event
and to my own event Lets celebrate with colours  
thats all frens,,,enjoy cee u all soon till thn happy blogging,..:-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Veggies stuffed mushroom for Global Kadai

Today while bloghopping i saw the recipe of stuffed mushroom ,inspired i thought of giving it a try,had mushrooms in refrigerator,its just that i prepared it in paniyaram pan,These stuffed mushrooms are for Sumis event Stuffed Mushroom for Global Kadai
Here goes my version of Stuffed Mushroom
Recipe Name Stuffed Mushroom
Recipe source own experiment:-)
Recipe category snack /appetiser/
Preparation time 10-15 mins
Cooking time 5 mins
Paniyaram recipe
Mushroom one packet washed cleaned and scooped from the centre
For the filling
Green peas handful
oil to cook
grated carrot one
grated capsicum one
cottage cheese 100gm
salt and pepper
brown bread two
cheese spread one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix carrot,capsicum,bread,salt and pepper
with help of spoon fill in this filling in the mushroom
top it with cubed cottage cheese
keep aside
heat oil in panirayam pan
once hot lower the flame
top each stuffed mushroom with cheese spread 
and slowly place the stuffed mushroom in the pan 
keep turning and remove from the pan once brown from all sides
this will take hardly 5 mins
enjoy hot,..:-)
tk cre frens and happy blogging,..;-)

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Pot Meal Spiced veggies with couscous

I got introduced to Couscous through food blogs,so reluctantly i picked the box of couscous  during my last grocery shopping,saw the recipe of spiced vegetable couscous in one of the cookbooks,so thought of giving this a try
Recipe Name - Vegetable Couscous
Recipe Source - Cookbook
Cuisine moroccan
Preparation time 15 mins
Cooking time 30 mins
Ingredient for Vegetable Couscous
400gm chickpeas(boiled and drained)
green pepper one sliced
carrot one sliced
cauliflower 200gm
onion chopped one
tomato chopped one
garlic cloves crushed two
salt as per taste
pepper half tsp
turmeric half tsp
one tsp each of coriander and cumin 
oil two tbsp
For the couscous
salt half tsp
one cup couscous
butter one tbsp
Procedure for veggies
heat oil in non stick wok
fry onion and garlic till soft
followed by turmeric,coriander and cumin
keep stirring for few minutes
now add the chopped veggies fry for a minute
add enough water to cover the veggies halfway
bring to boil,lower the heat and let it simmer for few minutes
once the veggies re half done add chickpeas and cook for further 10 mins
season with salt and pepper.
Procedure for couscous
to cook the couscous boil water in saucepan
add salt and half tsp of oil
remove from the heat and mix couscous
keep stirring
allow to swell for 2 minutes,add butter and heat through gently
stirring to separate the grains
For serving
Serve cooked veggies on couscous garnuished with coriander leaves.
Event entry 
This platter is off for Semi homemade event at lazzat and to
MLLA 20 hosted this month by Rachel and started by Susan of the well seasoned cook. 
Enjoy the platter frens, ceeu all soon ,.week was not that good very heavy one hoping for something better this week,..till thn take care happy bloggin,...

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Delhis street food Palak Papdi Chaat recreated at home

Everytime i crave to eat Palak Papdi Chaat i cant go to Prince Chaat shop at GK m block market ,so today when i felt like eating this chaat,i thought of giving this recipe a try,and i am so glad i tried this out today,here goes the recipe of Palak Papdi Chaat recreated at home,
For Chaat
Tamarind Jaggery chutney
Coriander chutney
red chili powder
cumin powder
boiled potato
For Palak Papdi
Palak leaves washed and dried
gram flour three tbsp
refined oil four tbsp
salt as per taste
red chili powder half tsp
cumin powder half tsp
amchur powder half tsp
mix gramflour with water and salt,red chili powder,amchur powder and cumin powder.
heat oil in wok
lower the flame and dip the dried palak leaves in the besan batter and fry till brown from both sides
drain and keep aside
To Assemble
In a serving dish place the palak papdis
top them with curd,boiled potatoes,papdis,coriander and tamarind chutney,bhujia,red chili powder,cumin powder.
As this was the first time i tried this at home this is what i learnt
- batter should have been more watery
- papdis should be served warm,as they loose their crispiness if serving time is prolonged.
Papdis can be served hot with tea or coffee also
 The above platter is off for Paris event at Foodelicious The Combo event
 and the palak papdi chaat goes to my own event at asankhana Lets Celebrate with Colours
 that all guys enjoy the platter cee u all soon,..;-)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

street food karela papdi chaat

Karela Chaat is one of my favourite street food form my hometown,yesterday mother prepared karela papdis ,
Ingredient needed 
all purpose flour 
to prepare karela papdi knead dough ,roll out poori shape from maida dough,in the centre make vertical lines with help of knife,seal from both the edges.In a non stick wok,heat oil and once oil is hot lower the flame and fry the papdis till crisp.
another recipe for fried karelas can be seen here
Ingredient needed for Chat
Karela papdi
Coriander chutney
chopped onion
boiled potato or boiled chickpea
red chili powder
cumin powder
To assemble
In a serving dish place papdis,followed by boiled potatoes,tamarind chutney,coriander chutney,bhujia,onion,red chili powder,salt and cumin powder.
 Karela Papdi chaat is favourite street food of all of us at home so this goes to Favourite Food Event  and my second entry for Lets Celebrate with Colours Holi Event.
enjoy the chaat guys ,cee u all soon,..hppy blogging,..

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happening week with trip to Surajkund mela , Khan Chachas kabab roll ,Moong dal halwa from Priyas kitchen and MNIK

Last week was pretty hectic,but i am happy that this week there is not much to do,so i can slow down a bit,its  cold here again today with no sunshine ,talking of last week went to two awesome places first being Surajkund mela
 and other being Khan Chacha Shop at Khan Market 
,Surajkund Mela was fun had gone last year too,this year theme was Rajasthan State,but due to bad weather couldnt give much time there as soon as we reached it started raining there:-( felt bad for advay too he had to sit on his buggy with towel on his head,
Talking of Khan Chacha ,this one was my first visit to the Khan Chacha Kabas Corner,i have never been to the old shop,so everything was new for me,had heard lotz about Khan Chacha from my sis,so when i read in news paper that this place is open again in new avatar i had to go with Neha ,and though we had to wait quiet long for the kabab roll,it was worth it,every bite of it,..:-) will go again there soon,..
Neha prepared Moong Dal Halwa
from Priyas space,which was yum,;-)  thanks priya for sharing the recipe,this hearty Moong Dal Halwa is off for Priyas Valentines Event  , to Srivallis space for Kids Delight Event  as advay loved the halwa, to MLLA 20 started by Susan and hosted this month by Rachel of the crispy cook and to my own event Lets Celebrate with colours .
talking of movies saw My Name is Khan last week ,nice movie worth watching with real good performance by Shahrukh and Kajol,dont miss this one guys,..;-) i guess thats all frens,..will cee u soon,..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lets Celebrate with Colours Holi Event

lLast year i forgot but this year i had promised myself that it wont be the same,i am talking about my blogversary frens,which falls somewhere on 9th of March,so this year on 9th of March my blog Asankhana will be two year old.Long way i have come and long way to go to,..:-)and this wouldnt have been possible without your support friends,so thanks a ton guys,
to celebrate blogversary and Holi Festiva l i am on with food event
lets celebrate with colours
after all its Holi :-) u guys can send me anything be it something which u prepared on holi,or traditional holi dishes likes Ghujia,Mathri,Malpua,anything which is related to holi or prepared keeping the spirit of Holi in mind.
Sharing some of traditional recipes link prepared on holi
Sweet dish and drink
another one with gujiya mould
Recipe of Malpua here with rabdi
and anothe one with pineapple here
Recipe of Thandai here 
Another one here
Chat items like
Dahi Vada andhra style
All the above links are from food blog,more info on holi and holi recipes can be seen here.
So guys join me in celebration of Spring Festival Holi +Blogversary by joing me in the Festive Event Lets play with colours
prepare something fresh and festive   and mail me you entries at,
subject will be lets play with colours
link back to the event announcement post
and ya pic of any size will do
event is on from today to 10th of March 2010
thats all frens happy feasting ,cooking and celebration cee u all soon..:-)

Round up of Its time to Jingle again Christmas Event

Hello Frens,thanks a ton for Participating in Its time to Jingle Event and making it a great success,i am really sorry for the delay,was busy with my exam so thanks for bearing with me,coming back to the roundup,i got to see so many varities of cakes,cookies,and other christmas goodies .
 and to begin with we have

  1. Glutenfree Eggless Oat and Almond Cookies from A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine,which looks so christmasy perfect with  red and green cherries and Eggless Gluten free Oat and almond ginger bread cookies they looks so perfect

  2.  Laura of Little chef and i and has joined in the event with Frosted Crescents and decked up christmas tree

  3.  Renu of Renus Kitchen has shared recipe of Eggless Oatmeal Walnut Cookies and Spice Persimmon Cake

  4.  Aquadaze of Served with love has shared Snowman Cake which looks perfect for the season

  5.  Cham of Spice club has added colours to the festival with delights like Dryfruits and Nuts Ball and Chocolate Balls

  6.  Christmas is incomplete without fruit and nut cake and we have eggless one here from Divyas Space,and another one shaped like Christmas tree

  7.  Talking of Fruit Cake there is another one with frosting from Rias Space

  8.   Bindiya of in love with food has joined in the event with christmasy Christmas Date and Chocolate Cake

  9.   Bangalore Baker has sent lotz of cookies for the event there is Chocolate chip cookies, Ginger spice cookies ,Coconut  Macroons,Cranberry white chocolate chip bars.

  10.  Simi of its all about food has sent yummylicious Swiss rolls  and thy look so yummy...

  11.  Sweatha of tasty curry leaf has added jingles to the event with two yummy entries Sugarplums for Christmas and Bon Bon Cookies

  12.  Divya of dilse has sent merry looking Christmas Fruit Cake

  13. Radhika of Soup and Dessert has joined with Snowy White Coconut Cake

  14.  Sheba of Fork,boot and Palette has sent colourful Christmas Cookies which look so cute

  15.  Swathi of Kitchenswathi has sent Plum Cake for the event which is one of the christmas delight

  16.  Kokila has sent Festive looking Fruit and nut Cake another traditional christams cake

  17.  For Pomegranate lovers theres Pomegranate Shortcake from Nishas Kitchen

  18.  Sowjanya of Ruchikacooks has sent yummlycious Apple and Date Cake 

  19.  For Fruit and Nut Cake lovers theres another one to try from Romas Kitchen

  20.  thers Vanilla and Chocolate Muffins to try from Lavis Space

  21. Lotz of snow and decked up tree thats what Split personality has sent

  22. Kavya of Kavya Kitchen has added zing to the event with this lovely christmas decoration and awesome looking Ginger Bread Cookies 

  23. Nithi of 4th Sense Samayal has shared some lovely clicks and beautiful Christmas Kolam

  24. Shama of Easy 2 Cook Recipes has sent christmas feast pic

  25. Priya of Easy and tasty recipes has sent varities of cakes and cookies many thanks priya ,for cake lovers theres
26.Sayantani of Homemakers Dairy has joined in with Christmas Rich Fruit and Nut Cake 
27. Cilantro of Cilantro Recipes has sent decked up Fruit Cake and Christmas tree pic 
28. Pari of Foodelicious has sent aromatic Coffee less coffee cake
29. Homecooked has sent simple and elegant looking christmas cake 
Entry from my space- Eggless Christmas Cake
                              Christmas tree pic 
Thanks a ton again friends for making the event a great,enjoy the delicacies will be back soon,..:-)
take care and happy blogging.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Back with Street Food of Delhi Palak Papdi Chat

Eight days continuous,felt as if i was running a marathon,today after the last  paper, went to GK M block market for a change ,didnt had much to do as i was alone,but walk was breather for me,had Pani Puri ,Palak Papdi Chat which is spinach strips in yogurt ,deep fried wheat canapes and potato combined into a snack flavoured with sweet and sour chutney.source taken from here .Maybe someday forced by my craving i will try this ,..;-)
weather wise its quiet warm now during the  day with almost no fog,so its quiet pleasent here,will catch up your posts soon friend,..tkcre and happy blogging,..:-)and ya thanks for the warm wishes too,..