Sunday, April 20, 2008

Microwave recipe of Chettinad Chicken

cooked today for lunch chettinad chicken for the first time,,it came out well,..we had with rogani nan,...supposed to be fiery and hot tasted mild make it more hot and spicy add more of red chillies in the paste..


chicken with bone 250gm
lemon half
crushed pepper
milk half cup
onion two finely chopped
curry leaves six
oil two tbsps

for the paste

one tomato
garlic eight
ginger two inch
red chilli dry four
coconut dry four inch
turmeric powder one tsp
salt to taste
seeds of coriander,fennel,pepper one tsp each
green cardamom 5
make paste in mixer ,mix water one fourth cup and keep aside



in a microwave proof dish add two tablespoon of oil, chopped onions and microwave for 5 minutes


now add chicken and curry leaves and microwave for 5 minutes covered



now add the paste mix well and microwave covered for 8 minutes

add one cup of water and microwave covered for 6 minutes keep aside

before serving add half cup of milk and microwave for three minutes covered

before serving addPhotobucket lemon juice and crushed pepper