Monday, October 13, 2008


Just four more days left,..with packing and guests  at home i was really busy,this post is my last post from Singapore and with this post i announce blog break till i settle down in Delhi,i dont know how much time its gonna take,..will miss u all friends and your wonderful posts,..
Coming back to todays post i am sharing pic of Dusshera tableau
from my home town Allahabad taken on Vijayadashami,with Durga puja ,ramlila and dusshera chowkis Dusshera or Navratri festival is enjoyed both by kids and elders,..i remember dadi used to wake us up early in the morning at 5 am to get ready to watch tableaus...with sleepy eyes we sisters ,all cousions used to cram ourselves in the car and used to queue on the streets to have a glimpse of the colourful chowkis,slowly with time we were replaced by our younger cousions as always Dadi was always excited, whenever Dusshera is around i always remember these fond memories,..which i gonna cherish forever,....
The above pic goes to Navratri festival event which is the theme this month for the Festive food event
started by Priti and Purva and being hosted by Lakshmi this month.
Happy blogging friends ,..cee u all soon,..will be missing you all....:-(,....