Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fresh Fruits in Cheery Sauce

With temperature soaring by each passing day , i just dont feel like eating noon time,so these days my lunch is fresh fruits,today i prepared this bowl of fruits for myself ,and i truly enjoyed it to the last piece sharing with u all the recipe of
Fresh fruits in cherry sauce
Ingredient needed for the fresh fruits bowl
slice of mango chopped
handful of cherries deseeded and sliced
lychees deseeded and sliced
sugar a pinch
lemon juice half tsp
vodka one tbsp
In a mixing bowl mix the above ingredients together and keep in fridge to chill
For cherry sauce
crush handful of cherries and pass the pulp through sieve to get the sauce.
Before serving
place the fruits in a serving dish
top it with cherry sauce and half tsp of vodka

The above bowl of fresh fruits in cherry sauce is off for Thanda Mela hosted by Srivalli and to my own event which celebrates Delhi Food .
I goona miss mangoes a lotz in Singapore so these days i am feasting on this one almost everyday,thats all frens, cre and happy blogging

Momos Platter

I was introduced to momos
in lajpat nagar market of delhi,thanks to my sis Pallavi,i know which area is good for sweets,where to buy fresh veggies and fruits,whts famous in delhi haat and so many other things regarding Delhi and its food culture,..;-)and i knw there is lotz to be discovered,its like a never ending journey,,,coming back to todays post i gonna share with you guys recipe of Momo
recipe source my friend Pema
recipe name Chicken Momo
ingredient for filling
onion chopped one
ginger garlic paste one tbsp
chopped coriander leaves handful
minced chicken one cup
butter two tbsp
in a mixing bowl mix everything together
keep aside for sometime
add salt before making momo
for the crust
all purpose flour one cup
knead the dough and keep aside
once the filling is prepared
roll out small circles as shown in the pic
fill in the mixture and join the two ends together
for detailed recipe check here
since i dont have the tratditional momo steamer,we steamed the momos in idli steamer :-)
some momos were fried too,..
for the red chutney
one dried red chili, few coriander leaves and salt,blend in a blender
serve momos with chutney and soup.
This post is my third entry for the event celebrating Delhi Ka Khana ,as momos are the most post popular street food of Delhi,,,:-) 
thats all guys ,,cee u all