Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Alloo Tikiya Burger for picnic at Lake Annecy

This post is about those days when there was no Mc Donalds in India ya being born in eighties had its own advantages and disadvantages but for me when I look back I feel more advantages because Advay will never know what kind of childhood we had, those colourful days wont come back I know but still I try to relive those bygone days by doing things which remind me of the time gone.
Last weekend we had gone to lake Annecy for day trip ,thought of packing small picnic which we could carry and the first one on my mind was Potato patties Burger.

When we were kids street food was delicacy for us apart from dosa and chaat items which were the normal one for us we were introduced to burger ,noodles and pizza in the later years and that's how I got to know my first lesson in food that apart from Indian Cuisine there are other cuisine too you guys can imagine as there was no internet that time anyways coming back to the post
Sharing with you all recipe for Potato Patties Burger or Alloo Tikiya Burger
Recipe of potato patties /alloo tikiya blogged here
Ingredient in the tikiya can be altered green peas & cottage cheese can be omitted for the burger.
Instead of alloo tikiya chicken shami kebab can be used as filling too.
Recipe blogged here

Ingredient needed
Burger bun four
Potato paties eight
coriander chutney one tbsp
Tomato ketchup as per taste (I prefer with chutney )
Onion sliced one
Tomato sliced one
Chat masala pinch
Half the burger bun and slightly brown it on a heated buttered  pan.
To serve
Place the tikiya /paties on the sliced bun
Add the onion ,tomato slices
Top it with chutney of choice
Sprinkle chaat masala
Top it with the other half of the bun
Eat ,.

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