Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Warm Welcome to Winters with this Virtual Delight of Diwali Celebration


Cold, long nights are back and so is the time to indulge in some warm soup and hot coffee ya guys its winter here in Delhi without much monsoon,usually  winter greets northern india before diwali but this time we could feel nip in the air after Diwali,,.,.so after a long summer finally some change in weather,..and ya talking of Diwali sharing with you guys some Diwali Decoration pics of my home and inlaws place,…enjoy them till I am back with something to warm up,,..its cold here guys, and i am really craving for some warm soup:-(
..below pic is of dresser in the drawing room
Brought Urli from the street market of delhi ,Urli add colour on its own the below pic is of drawing room decorated with Urli in the centre
Corner of the drawing room was done with lighted diyas and flowers,
placed neatly in between the statues
 next comes Pooja Sthal Pic at my Inlaws place
Closer look of Pooja Sthal
View from the balcony

Cousin shared some pics of Diwali,first pic is of Rangoli at her place
Chitragupta Pooja
bhai dooj pic
Thats all frens cee you all soon, cre and enjoy

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Celebrating Diwali with hand made chocolates



Wish all the readers of Asan Khana Happy Diwali,

my bags are packed I will be leaving for Diwali Celebration tomorrow to my inlaws place ,prepared some hand made chocolates to gift ,tried my hands making Hazelnut bites,Choco coconut ball and Choco Almond nugget.

Hazelnut Bites

Ingredient needed

Sugar syrup half cup

Hazelnut half cup

Tempered Chocolate as per need


Keep hazelnut for 2 to 3 minutes in sugar syrup

Take them put and roll them over tempered chocolate

Keep on butter paper and leave to set.

Chocococonut Balls

Tempered Chocolate

Grated coconut powder

Edible decoration to decorate


Mix grated coconut powder with tempered chocolate

Shape into small balls

Decorate with edible decoration

Keep on butter paper to set

Choco Almond Nugget

Ingredient needed

Blanched almond

Sugar syrup

Tempered Chocolate


Grease a tray and keep aside

Pour thick sugar syrup in the tray

Followed by tempered chocolate

Top it with blanched almond and keep in fridge to set

Enjoy the Chocolates Friends,cee u all soon,
These yummy chocolates are off for
Priti and Purvas event Diwali Dhamaka
and to Priyas event Diwali 2009 Contest 








Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cottage cheese story and a movie worth watching


Yesterday night I got 200gm of cottage cheese from local market, and tried three recipes with it ,I prepared Cottage cheese curry for dinner as my cousin was there for night stay I had to treat her to something good ,Farrafel with cottage cheese for Advays tiffin and sandwich for our breakfast today which  me and my cousin happily went munching on our way to mall just opposite our building for Wake up Sid movie,…

Movies keep changing every friday, and all I can do is sigh whenever I see across the road from our balcony, so near yet so far that is the situation with me ,there are three malls near our residential area, but no time and company to go and take a break, or blame it on my hectic schedule so yesterday when my cousin came here for night stay ,she agreed for the movie though she had seen it ,so nice of her, but then who wont agree ,I can watch this movie again and again, so fresh and so real,….so today after a long long time I got to watch something which I truly enjoyed right from the start to the end,,…and good music too J I guess  i can go on and on raving about Wake up Sid,…don miss the movie u guys gonna luv it, coming back to cooking here goes the recipe of

Cottage cheese curry

Ingredient needed

Cottage cheese 100gm

Onion one chopped lengthwise

Garlic cloves two chopped

Green chili chopped one

Tomato chopped one

Cooking oil one tbsp

Salt as per taste

Black pepper half tsp

Garam masala powder half tsp

Cumin seeds half tsp

Red chili powder half tsp

Turmeric powder half tsp

Coriander powder half tsp

Milk half cup


Heat oil in a wok

Add cumin seeds ,once they start spluttering

Add chopped onion,garlic and green chili

Fry till onions start changing their colour

Add tomatoes and fry further till oil is seen along the sides

Now add all the masalas except garam masala and mix well

Sprinkle few drops of milk if it starts sticking

Add cubed cottage cheese mix well

Add remaining milk, mix well and cover and cook.

Serve hot with chapati or rice.

For Advays tiffin this is how I prepared Farrafel with cottage cheese

boil farrafel and keep aside,in a wok add half tsp of oil ,and fry cubed cottage cheese ,once done add boiled Farrafel ,fry for a minute add one tbsp of tomato ketchup ,pinch of salt and pepper and remove from flame.

Grilled Cottage cheese and Onion Sandwich

For the filling heat oil in non stick pan ,add sliced onion and cottage cheese and let it brown for a minute ,once done garnish with salt,pepper and Italian herb.

Place the mixture in between sandwhich bread and grill it.

Enjoy the cottage cheese parade ,...

cee u guys cre,...:-)



Friday, October 09, 2009

Glutinous Black Rice Pudding for my Mom


This post is specially for my Mom as today is her birthday, couldn’t plan anything special for her as I was really dead tired after yesterdays Karva Chauth Fast for which I had gone to my inlaws place ,evening thought of giving her surprise by preparing something sweet as dinner was already prepared I thought of preparing pudding for her and thus tried my hands in preparing   Glutinous Black rice pudding,

Ingredient needed

Small bowl of black rice

Water to cook the rice

Amul mithai mate two tbsp

Blanched almonds few


Heat water in non stick wok and cook rice

Once rice is semi cooked add mithai mate and keep stirring

Lover the flame and cover and cook for some time

Once done serve warm or chilled garnished with blanched almonds,…

Thank you Note

Thanks a ton Amma  for the everlasting love and care whch you have given us,Thanks for treating us like Sons,and thanks for being with me always ,without your support it would have been very difficult for me to stay here alone ,I know Thanks is a very small word in return to whatever you have given me,..but believe me it comes from the heart

.Wish u Many Many Happy Returns of the Day,…again

Lotz of Luv

Ur Daughters



Monday, October 05, 2009

Wok Fried Chicken Drumsticks and Green Chili Fritters

In my last post I had mentioned about CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS which I was going to prepare for dinner ,with no recipe in mind I entered the kitchen,first thing which I do when I have no idea what I am goint to prepare is to look for ingredients in the fridge or in my pantry ,I saw kashmiri masala which I had got from Manali trip few months back,since it was just me for dinner I thought of experimenting with it,,,this is how I prepared Wok fried Chicken Drumsticks Served on bed of fried onion and tomatoes with fresh curd

Ingredient Needed

Chicken Drumsticks two

Kashmiri Masala hals tsp

Salt as per taste

Black pepper powder half tsp

Oil one tbsp

Green chili slit lengthwise one

Onion chopped lengthwise one

Tomato chopped lengthwise one


Rub Kashmiri masala on the chicken drumsticks and keep aside.


Heat oil in non stick wok

Once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the chicken drumsticks slowly in the wok

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the chicken and keep turning the sides.

Once done drain on kitchen towel and keep aside

In the same oil add chopped green chili, onion and tomato and stir fry for few minutes.

Before removing from flame add the chicken drumsticks again to the wok, chicken shouldn’t be mixed with the onion and tomatoes.

Spread onion tomato mix ,place the chicken drumsticks on it and serve with fresh homemade curd.

This was my dinner two days back,…and ya I did sprinkled chat masala before serving…I know sometimes I over do myself ,and ya I again missed hubby and my sisters,..:-(

Its October already but delhi is the same weatherwise,today morning I read in newspaper that’s its gonna rain continuously for 3 to four days,I was quiet skepticalas since past few days itw as quiet hot,but I was wrong because it did rain today and this is what I prepared to celebrate Rain..Hari mirch BHAJI

…and this is how i prepared wash green chilies and keep aside,in a mixing bowl take half cup of chickpea flour ,salt hafl tsp,asafoetida a pinch,grated ginger garlic paste,make a smooth paste with water mix the chillies in the batter and keep aside,heat oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the coated chillies into the oil,keep turning till they are brown form both side.Serve hot with tea and chutney,...Rain was the reason i prepared them and the weather truly complemented the taste,,,,this plate of Mirchi Bhaji with tea if joining Aparnas Kitchen for High Tea Event started by Meeta of Whats for Lunch Honey,...

Will be back soon,..frens,..Happy Karva Chauth to all and a happy week,...:-)


Friday, October 02, 2009

Kesar or Pista wala Mutton Curry another craving related post of mine,...:-)

Its always fun cooking for others,it  gives me extra kick and i am extra charged but two days back when i was preparing mutton curry i didnt feel the same zeal ,and i knew what the reason was its the absence of Pallavi and Hubby ,while cooking i started missing both of them and realized that cooking for self is no fun :-(i dont get much opportunity to cook nowdays reason being my hectic schedule and the approaching exams,craving for spicy mutton curry led me to kitchen and this is how i prepared the curry
Recipe for Pista or Kesar wala Mutton Curry
ingredient needed
250gm goat meat
chopped onion two
chopped garlic clove three
oil to cook
saffron strands three
pistachio shelled six
dry masala
dried red chili two
bay leaves two
cinnamom stick one
star anise one
clove three
blak pepper three
black cardamom one
green cardamom two
powdered masala
salt as per taste 
half tsp each of 
red chili 
add curd ,powdered masala to the mutton and keep aside.
soak saffron strands in half tsp of water
soak pistachio nuts in water to remove the peel
Heat one tbsp oil in non stick wok
add dry masala and fry for a minute
add chopped onion and garlic and keep frying till onions start changing their colour
once onions are done add prepared mutton and cover and cook on low flame
keep stiiring till oil is seen along the sides
sprinkle few drops of water if needed
add saffron strands and pistachio
check for the tenderness ,once done remove from the flame
Serve hot with roti or rice.
I enjoyed the curry with mixed feeling ,i was sad because i was missing sis and hubby and happy cause my craving was satisfied after a long long time,curry was indeed hot just the way i wanted :-) its 6:50pm here got chicken drumsticks so going to prepare something for dinner ya just for self,mom is veggie maybe Advay will give me company for dinner , 
And ya before i sign off i want u all to drool the above pic is of Rabdi which my father brought when he came her elast weekend ,one spoon of this and we are lost in heaven,..this Kulhad of Rabdi brought back so many warm memories of my hometown ,i was so so nostalgic when i saw this ,...drool over this pic will cee u guys soon,..:-)