Friday, January 02, 2015

its not just Samosa

Yesterday while filling the stuffing in the Samosa

 I was nostalgic I was reminded of Nani who used to prepare the same whenever we used to visit her during vacation, it seem just like yesterday when plate full of Samosa would be brought before us with chutney and we without realizing whether the person who has made Samosa got to taste it or not  would be happily eating such were the childhood days, full of memories and nostalgia .
Yesterday I realised that homemade Samosa tastes great because of the love, patience and care which goes in it

.The care with which stuffing is put inside ,the patience needed to seal the edges of the dough and the time taken to see that the Samosa is fried nicely

.If the food is cooked with devotion and love it will always taste good .Nani I missed you yesterday now I know how much effort you used to take for us thanks Nani where ever you are for giving us such nice and warm memories of childhood.

I have blogged the recipe of Samosa here
In the post blogged before had baked the Samosa but yesterday fried them and  I love the fried one better and ya I want to end the post by saying this Its not just Samosa its a fried stuffed pastry made with lots of love ,care and patience
Serve warm with chutney
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