Monday, February 28, 2011

Homesickness cured by Cooking Therapy - Chicken kofta

Whenever i am happy or distressed i take it out on food,..
if i am happy i go for something like this
if i am sad then i go for cooking therapy
yesterday i was feeling homesick
and missing my sis and  her new born baby
so i wanted to keep myself busy
as in kitchen its just me
and i can cry easily ,..
with no recipe in my mind
i prepared this very patiently
this one took time
i was bit nervous
but when hubby said
it was yum
it made me happy

Recipe name Chicken Kofta
Recipe source notyet100s experiment
preparation time half hour
cooking time one and half hour
Ingredient for the kofta /chicken ball
 boneless chicken 250gm
 bread piece two
 egg one
 salt as per taste
 pepper pinch
 cornflour one tbsp
In a mixing bowl ,mix everything together
make small disc shaped balls and keep aside
heat one and a half tbsp oil in non sick pan
lower the heat and slide the discs slowly
keep turning till the discs become brown from both side
drain and keep on kitchen towel.
For the curry
- onion ginger garlic paste
 one onion,green chili,two garlic clove and half pinch ginger run through the blender and keep aside
- tomato paste
two tomatoes run through blender and keep aside
- curry powder
  dry roast one tsp cumin seeds,half inch cinnamon,two red chili,crushed bay leaves,clove three,black pepper four,star anise two,black cardamom two,green cardamom through blender keep aside.
-salt as per taste
-oil to cook
-coconut cream two tbsp
heat  one tbsp oil in non stick wok
add onion paste and keep stirring till paste starts changing colour
when paste becomes light brown add tomato paste
keep stirring till everything mixes together
add salt,curry powder and keep stirring till oil is seen along the side
add half cup of water ,give a good stir and let it simmer for 5 mins
add coconut milk and let it simmer for five to seven minutes.
Before serving add the shallow fried kofta balls to the curry and let it simmer for 10 mins
serve garnished with chopped almond and cashew nuts.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Life + Sweet = Blueberry Trifle

I dont prepare something like this always

but then there are sometimes when i do
even if it is just for myself
because i belive that life is
too short to miss
something  sweet like this,..;-)

Recipe adapted from Here
Have substituted the pound cake with Blueberry Streusel
Blueberry sauce blogged here
omitted grand martiner and cookies
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Thats all friends,take care and happy blogging,..;-)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tried it and luved it - Macher Jhal from Ecurry

Ingredient - Tilapia
Recipe - no clue
Food blog search  for - Indian Tilapia Curry
What I tried - Macher Jhal from Ecurry

Paired with white rice
Thanks a ton Soma for sharing this delicious curry,will try this again,..:-)
Thats all friends,enjoy the week ahead,cee you all soon
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Fresh from oven - Blueberry Streusel Cake

Its not easy to come back i know,specially when i am still lost in the tranquility of the rice fields of Ubud   ,but then i had to ,because blogging is  something which i luv the most,s ,coming back to todays post sharing with you all simple and delicious cake which i baked from here ,my favourite site for baking ;)

,i know i am in luv with blueberries ,i luv them in anything and ya i luved them in this cake too :-)

I was hesistant to top the cake with streusel,as i was unaware of the taste,but then i am glad i did,but next time i gonna bake this cake without the streusel,and i am sure it gonna taste great.

Thats all guys,enjoy this one is for you,..;-)
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kala Chana Ghughni

During our childhood days kala chana ghughni with poori was one of the frequently prepared breakfast specially on sundays,..prepared the same last sunday paired with plain paratha,here goes the recipe as told by my mother

Recipe Name Kala chana Ghughni /Ghugni
Recipe source my mother
black chickpea half cup (soaked overnight )
onion one chopped coarsely
ginger half inch chopped coarsely
green chili one chopped
salt as per taste
mustard oil two tsp
red chili poweder pinch
turmeric powder one fourth tsp
coriander powder one fourth tsp
cumin seeds half tsp
asafoetida pinch
Heat oil in pressure cooker
lower the flame and add cumin seeds and asafoetida
followed by chopped onion,ginger and green chili
keep stirring till onion start changing its colour
add salt,powdered masalas underlined above
followed by drained chickepeas
mix everything together add one cup of water
and pressure cook for one to two whistles
serve garnished with coriander leaves and lemon juice.
My friend Lakshmi has  shared this link with me about how Garlic Onion increase mineral absorption in cereals,do read it here,..
Back here in Singapore my favourite breakfast is Kaya Toast with Kopi,have blogged about it here and here,whenever i go to library i go for this ,the pic below is from the kopi shop which is nearest from my place ,this one is the best food i ahd in 2010 and will always be,..;-)
Sending this Kopi with Kaya Toast pic to Smitha of Spicy Flavour who is celebrating her first blog anniversary with the event Bye bye 2010 welcome 2011.

Thats all guys,see you all soon ,tk care and happy blogging,..

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Saffron sweet rice for Basant Panchami

First month of the year is gone ya it was quick i know ,when the year 2011 started i had made a list of things which i gonna follow seriously
planning each day ahead - i am dng this
reviving my other blog - started
read books ( good books ) - read some :-)
be nice trying
and think positive trying hard
what i couldnt do :-(
start using  my sewing maching , its still sitting in a corner.
what i learnt
 til gud ladoo which i have seen each year my dadi and mother making and after marriage my mil so this year i tried ,.
This month i gonna do the same ,stick to the things which i am doing and try to learn new things ,speaking of new things today is Basant Panchmi ,yesterday i had asked my mother what is prepared on this auspicious day,she told me recipe of this sweet rice which Dadi used to prepare,i had no excuse as i had all the ingredients at home,so this is how i prepared Sweet Rice to celebrate Basant Panchmi and feel closer to home ;-)

Recipe name Sweet Rice/Meethe Chawal
Recipe source Dadi
Preparation time 10 mins
Cooking time 10 - 12 mins
Basmati rice one cup (wash and keep aside )
Milk two cup
sugar two tbsp
saffron strands pinch
yellow colour pinch
ghee one and half tbsp
caramom crushed two
chopped dryfruits almond,cashew nut raisin and chironji one tbsp

In a non stick wok heat ghee and lower the flame
add cardamom followed by rice and fry for two minutes
add milk,followed by sugar and keep stirring
once milk boils add ghee,saffron strands and yellow colour
let it simmer on low flame till milk is not seed
remove from flame and serve warm garnished with chopped dryfruits.
Thats all friends,see you all soon
take care and happy blogging

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Feel good food - Crepes with fresh blueberries sauce

Today after a long time i could eat
so i prepared this to feel good,

topped it with fresh blueberry sauce
and relished it with some warm coffee

Recipe of crepe blogged here
Recipe of blueberry sauce inspired from here
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Thats all friends,see you all soon...
Thanks a ton for the wishes ;-)