Sunday, March 16, 2008

My experiment in kitchen Pepper lemon chicken

Pepper Lemon Chicken
i experimented to be frank with lemon and pepper and created this recipe,nice semidry recipe...u can enjoy with nan or kulcha,,well in the picture its is rogani nan and lemon and pepper chicken.
ingredients- for two people
chicken drumstick two boiled for one and half minute and the chicken stock can be used for the gravy
onion two chopped
garlic two clove chopped
green chilli two chopped
one lemon juice
pepper crushed one teaspoon
red chilli half teaspoon
salt to taste
cumin seed half teaspoon
oil one teaspoon
method- heat oil in non stick wok,,,add cumin seed and when they start spluttering add chopped onion,garlic and chilli,,,in the meantime take half of the squeezed lemon juice and rub to the chicken drumstick followed by pepper,....and once the onion is brown add the chicken to the wok,,.now add red chilli, saltand fry for some time,,once u see oil along the sides of the wok add the chicken stock rest of the lemon juice and dash of pepper and cover and cook.,,keep checking once the water is dried u will know that the chicken is done,,enjoy with nan or kulcha.