Monday, October 05, 2009

Wok Fried Chicken Drumsticks and Green Chili Fritters

In my last post I had mentioned about CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS which I was going to prepare for dinner ,with no recipe in mind I entered the kitchen,first thing which I do when I have no idea what I am goint to prepare is to look for ingredients in the fridge or in my pantry ,I saw kashmiri masala which I had got from Manali trip few months back,since it was just me for dinner I thought of experimenting with it,,,this is how I prepared Wok fried Chicken Drumsticks Served on bed of fried onion and tomatoes with fresh curd

Ingredient Needed

Chicken Drumsticks two

Kashmiri Masala hals tsp

Salt as per taste

Black pepper powder half tsp

Oil one tbsp

Green chili slit lengthwise one

Onion chopped lengthwise one

Tomato chopped lengthwise one


Rub Kashmiri masala on the chicken drumsticks and keep aside.


Heat oil in non stick wok

Once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the chicken drumsticks slowly in the wok

Sprinkle salt and black pepper on the chicken and keep turning the sides.

Once done drain on kitchen towel and keep aside

In the same oil add chopped green chili, onion and tomato and stir fry for few minutes.

Before removing from flame add the chicken drumsticks again to the wok, chicken shouldn’t be mixed with the onion and tomatoes.

Spread onion tomato mix ,place the chicken drumsticks on it and serve with fresh homemade curd.

This was my dinner two days back,…and ya I did sprinkled chat masala before serving…I know sometimes I over do myself ,and ya I again missed hubby and my sisters,..:-(

Its October already but delhi is the same weatherwise,today morning I read in newspaper that’s its gonna rain continuously for 3 to four days,I was quiet skepticalas since past few days itw as quiet hot,but I was wrong because it did rain today and this is what I prepared to celebrate Rain..Hari mirch BHAJI

…and this is how i prepared wash green chilies and keep aside,in a mixing bowl take half cup of chickpea flour ,salt hafl tsp,asafoetida a pinch,grated ginger garlic paste,make a smooth paste with water mix the chillies in the batter and keep aside,heat oil in non stick wok ,once oil is hot lower the flame and slide the coated chillies into the oil,keep turning till they are brown form both side.Serve hot with tea and chutney,...Rain was the reason i prepared them and the weather truly complemented the taste,,,,this plate of Mirchi Bhaji with tea if joining Aparnas Kitchen for High Tea Event started by Meeta of Whats for Lunch Honey,...

Will be back soon,..frens,..Happy Karva Chauth to all and a happy week,...:-)