Tuesday, July 22, 2008


The term chola bhatura reminds me of spicy chola and fluffy bhatura which my mother prepares at home,..then i heard about PINDI CHOLA,..which was something new for me,..tried for the first time,..liked a lot,..few days back got recipe for sindhi chola while browsing through books in library,..sindhi chola is something which i have never heard of,..so thought of givin it a try,,
ingredients needed are
300gm overnight soaked chickpeas
onion two chopped
one cup onion ginger garlic paste
tomato paste half cup
salt to taste
oil to cook
one tsp each of coriander ,turmeric,garam masala
half tsp of amchur and black pepper powder
pinch of asafoetida
cumin seeds one tsp
black pepper 6
cloves 5
bay leaf two crushed
black cardamom one
In a cooking wok transfer the soaked chickpeas along with the water,half of chopped onions,cloves,pepper,bay leaf,cardamom,cumin seeds,salt and asafoetida,bring to boil for half an hour,keep stirring,reserve the drained liquid after removing from flame
In another cooking wok,heat one tablespoon of oil,add the leftover chopped onions and keep frying ,till onions start losing their shape,now add onion ginger garlic paste,keep frying till the paste blend s well with the onions
Now add coriander,turmeric,garammasala,amchur and blackpepper powder,.keep stirring..add the tomato paste
followed by salt,..
mix well and keep stirring,now add the cooked chickpeas followed by the water in which they were cooked
serve hot with bhatura or rice
for the bhatura recipe click here i added one bread soaked in curd to the maida and then kneaded the dough
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