Thursday, March 18, 2010

Post from singapore with Navratri thali

Hello frens,hope you all are doing great,wish all the readers of Asankhana Happy Ugadi ,Gudi padwa and Chaitra Navratri ,i have been very busy this whole month thats why no post and no bloghopping,..:-)
sharing with u all Navratri thali pic which my sis neha prepared at home back in delhi ,i was quiet surprised when i saw this pic in my mailbox,ya it did left a smile on my face,thali has Singhare ki poori, phalhar allo ki sabji,fried makhanas and peanuts,curd and makhana kheer,
event submission
this platter is off for Jihva breakfast event hosted by veggieplatter and started by Indira of Mahanandi
enjoy the vrat thali frens,i am on with the round up of lets play with colours will be publishing it soon, cre enjoy the festivals and ya happy blogging,..:-)