Friday, January 16, 2015

few yrs back things were different but now its quiet easy - some apps I love for blogging

This post is not about food this post is about apps which help me with blogging without switching on the computer .I still remember six yrs back when I started blogging I didn't had smart phone .I used to click pic with point and shoot camera ,upload the pics on computer followed by editing and then used to write the post in my blog .Now its a different story I use my IPhone to take picture and then the pic is edited in instagram if I am in bus or train I use that time to write the text in my phone which I later copy in my blog . I think so with the arrival of smart phones things have changed for bloggers its become for easy for us to share our posts ,follow our favourite blog and do so many other things so guys sharing with you all some of my favourite apps which I use for blogging,.

Instagram is the app to edit pictures and share them with family and friends ,I Love the various filters and my favourite is Rise .Image can be cropped too.
Fontstudio is the app to add text to the pictures after editing them .
Notegraphy is new app for me but I am loving it a lot here you can convert your text into your favourite font and style ,this one is good for Micropoem.
WC FREE is the app if you want to write post of particular word count .It tells you the words, characters, space and hemlines.
Twitter app for sharing the post and pictures and for following other bloggers
Pinterest for creating board and following bloggers
Analytics for checking he stats and visitor info
And I new app which I discovered yesterday but still to use is

If you guys know any app which helps in blogging please share
Wish you all happy week ahead
Take care and happy blogging,