Wednesday, March 09, 2016

the new you - open letter to advay 20

Dear Advay,
This letter will surprise you as you surprised me as you growing son..
Last few weeks you have become more responsible
You keep your bag ready night itself, keep the bottle in kitchen with a tumbler to fill it
And for your snack break you keep the carton of milk bag too night itself
Morning first thing you want to do is fill your bottle.
Then you ask me whether Tiffin is ready and as usual I tell you to get ready..
So yes this change of attitude of shocked me but later on noticing you everyday I realised why this happened..
You would be ready by 7:30 so you get 30 mins of time for yourself to read book
So your urgency doing things a night before that all made sense to me
And when I asked U ,,you just smiled]
You are just like me son chasing time I do the same daily
That's a different story,,
So yes I love how it happened and I love the new you,,