Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Sweet Dumpling - Ghujia/Gujia

Year 2008 prepared Ghujia with hubby
Year 2009 mom prepared
Year 2010 mom prepared
Year 2011 prepared alone took six hours :-(
In my year 2008 post of Ghujia  many small details were missing so i have included all the missed details with pictures in this post of Indian Sweet Dumpling - Ghujia/Gujia

Recipe name GHUJIA
Recipe source my mother
Preparation time four to five hours
Cooking time 15 to 20 mins
Ingredient for the filling
Khoa 500gm 
sugar 200gm
chopped dryfruits - chironji ,almond,cashew nut 50 gm
grated coconut 50 gm
fry the khoa for few minutes without oil in non stick pan,keep aside to cool
add one tbsp of all purpose flour in two tbsp water ,mix and keep aside,
this is paste for sealing the edges of Ghujia.
In a mixing bowl mix the khoa with dry fruits,coconut and sugar ,keep aside

Ingredient for the dough
All purpose flour 250gm
oil one tbsp
Mix oil in the flour ,once done try to make ball by holding the oil mixed flour in hand
if round shape can be made then no need to add more oil
but if round shape can't be made then add half tsp of oil ,mix and try again
once the above step is complete add water and knead to form a smooth dough
keep aside.

To roll out and fill
Divide the dough into equal sized small balls
with help of rolling pin ,roll out the size of poori
keep the rolled out poori shape in the ghujia mold
add two tsp of the filling mixture
apply maida paste on the edge of the ghujia
this helps in sealing the edges of the ghujia
press the mould and remove the extra dough
keep the filled ghujias on a tray and cover with semi damp cloth
To fry
Heat oil in non stick wok
once hot lower the flame and slowly add the filled ghujias
keep turning the sides till it becomes light brown from both sides
drain on kitchen towel ,let it cool
keep in airtight box.

Thats all friends,wish you all Happy weekend and Happy Festival
take care and happy blogging...
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